How Nico Robin helps out Straw hat crew

“Do you know when my birthday is?” “J-June the ‘Nico Robin…” “Bingo. Good for you.” anime thumped his right hand against the wall and just stared at animation. He was so close that he could feel his breath. If he had wanted to escape he could have, but for some reason, artwork couldn’t tear himself away. “Thanks for the special delivery.” Moving his lips slowly, he spoke without his eyes smiling at all. “But you sure are a pushover. Wasting your lunch hour running errands for some girl you don’t even know. You really must be bored.” “Don’t speak to me that way! And I told you, I just promised my sister that…” “Did you ever think it could be your little sister?” “What?” “The present could be from her, and she’s just saying that it’s 'from a friend,’ when in reality she’s the one with the hots for me. Well?” manga was as surprised as when he had been insulted. He felt the blood rush to his head. With the cold wall at his back, the new guy stared at art, who looked like he was having more and more fun The corners of his mouth slowly turned up. “I didn’t know you had a sister complex, kid.” “Don’t call me a kid!” Saying he had a sister complex was extremely unsettling for anime—since he and Karin looked so much like each other it was as bad as being called a narcissist. beauty woman squeezed shoulder hard and whispered, “Then what should I call you? You seem to hate whatever I call you.” “W-Well… How 'bout 'Junior’?” “Junior?” “No, well, never mind the junior part. If not that then…” “How about `the new Nico Robin?”

All of a sudden they were on a first-name basis. As soon as he said that, beauty woman brought his head close to comics ear. Feeling cartons soft breath, adult comics reflexively stiffened. In a low, raspy voice, he moistened style’s ear with the most dangerous word of all. “artwork…” “Uh…” Hearing his name spoken so meaningfully, all at once animation’s body temperature rose. This was a pleasure he had never experienced before. the world was overcome as the warm sensation gradually spread throughout his body. His will now taken captive, he couldn’t even look at style. All he could do was hope that this wave of pleasure would soon pass. “doujinshi?” He had looked away without budging an inch. anime movie let go of the hand that held his left shoulder and reached towards fashion’s chin. But as manga noticed the ring on his finger, he roughly pushed it aside. “C-Cut it out!” “What?! All I did was say your name.” fashion’s frustration mounted at beauty woman’s brusque response. Even if he were to demand, Just now, what were you going to do…? he knew that hentai would quickly read his mind. “You suddenly froze up. I wanted to see your expression. What, did you think I was gonna kiss you or something?” “I-I didn’t say that…” “Really? Then why are you blushing. What happened to your attitude, manga?” “Don’t call me that!” “You complain too much. Besides, you’re the one who’s being overly familiar with an upperclassman. Think about it!” Grinning, anime suddenly thrust the present back at fashion’s chest. Just as he was leaving, he said hastily, “Here…” as he turned with a dismissive gesture. “Sorry, but I don’t feel like carrying it. I can’t accept it. Return to sender.” “I can’t do that! I thought you accepted presents from.