USSF tax records details were released. The players listed above are the three highest paid USWNT players. You should note that only three were listed because the USSF doesn’t have to reveal more than the 10 highest compensated employees. For more info go to this link:


Indian and American Army Special Forces Train together in Alaska 

American Dictatorship:

Under the colors of the MTP from January 2013, the midfielder of the PSG Tobin Heath will leave the Paris club.

A departure announced by the Sabrina Delannoy Captain Saturday night in the final of the Coupe de France on France 4 mic: “It was the last match of Tobin”. A departure that occurs following a decision by the American football federation who do not wish to exile his players to one year in the World Cup.

"Tobin Heath was unable to sign a year because the American Federation does not include project and think his national team first and foremost. It won’t do, I think. We are going to consider another strategy for players that have character and who are able to put a veto on this American dictatorship on their players’ Farid Benstiti said on the subject.

(Sorry the translation is a little off. The article was written in French and I just used an app to translate it.)