USPCA Dog Trials - Cambridge, Ontario 

Second part of the photos from this event. More apprehensions with members of law enforcement agencies from as far away as Michigan. Had a great time covering this event as I was able to get into the field and up close. 

All Rights Reserved Ross Howey 2013

Saw an absolute cunt of a man stand on his puppies paw, kick it round a car and then hang it from its lead before tossing it into a taxi.

The world has some horrific and abusive dick heads in it, and thats why I have officially decided to become a USPCA animal rescue officer if fate allows.

Respecting a living thing is human decency, whether it be human or animal. If you lack that then you obviously aren’t going far in life. 

You do not earn respect, a certain level is always needed, along with compassion. These two factors are what make humans unique from the animal kingdom, and to live a life with neither is not living, its existing.

So in the future, where you’re sitting on your second-hand sofa with your benefits cheque in one hand and your cheap beer in the other, and your animal is suffering in your crappy house, expect me to be knocking on your door Northern Ireland! (along with police officers cause animal welfare in this country is BALLS!)

We are about to wrap up soon on @t_semi from @allcityhandmade ‘s competition rig set up. First piece we’re showing is his Glock 17 open end owb with adjustable retention. More coming soon plus a brand new item we designed first for his setup!!!! #kydex #customkydex #kydexmilitia #igmilitia #glock #g17 #glock17 #owb #holster #forshootersbyshooters #tactical #idpa #uspca #rangegear

I didn’t make it around to all the raw dishes I planned this week. Well I did do a lil juicing. Instead I ended up making something from my photo shoot. Enchilada casserole with a combo of lean ground beef and ground turkey, fat free cheddar, black soy beans, fresh cilantro and easy enchilada sauce made from scratch. #mealkits #minden #yourchefconcierge #bossiercity #privatechef @hopemag #uspca #bringbackourgirls