Hello, I’m Courtney. Im 19 from Buffalo, New York. I play drums in a pop punk band called In Real Life. I saw a post once that I can strongly relate to when it comes to relationships. It went a little something like this: “If I’m your girlfriend, I’ll treat you like a fucking queen. You’re hungry? I’ll buy you a giant burger or if you want healthy I’ll fucking cook for you or get you fruits or something. Period? No problem. I’ll run to the store if you’re out of tampons and get you chocolate and ice cream and whatever else you’re craving too. Tired? Sure, just lay down and sleep on my chest because taking naps with you would be great. I’m the type that will do anything to put a smile on your face. If you’re having a bad day, call me, no ifs and buts, I will answer and do the best I can to hear you laugh. I don’t date unless I picture you as my potential wife. So if you’re in it for a fling, don’t even try it out with me. Cause I’m not looking for a broken heart. I’m looking for die hard love.”