Hard life of the knitter

Between custom or made-to-order items I’m trying to work on something for myself, my family or just something that I like.

While I had several days free of orders that is what I was working on

1. Linen pullover. Almost finished with the front side. 

2. Great pullover for men (but I guess it can be unisex as well). Almost finished the back side.

3. Crochet granny square jacket. Just love it. I was waiting for the yarn to be delivered. Need to finish the sleeves.

4. Crochet horses. They are ready just need to buy some hollowfiber to stuff them.

Soon will post photos :)

While I’m still working on the 2 previous projects (who knew that it would be that tricky to find a perfect necklines), I got an idea for that yarn. It’s too bright to use it by itself so I’ve decided to combine it with plain “jeans” blue color and use a swing knitting technique. Now I just hope that I would be able to pull it off.