Don't be ashamed


usethegoodchina replied to your post: Cowboy Bebop and Firefly, why can’t everything be as perfect as those two.

I am somewhat ashamed to admit this, but I have never heard of Cowboy Bebop…

but do rectify the situation ASAP. I’m not sure if the season is available on netflix but the movie is. the movie is a good in it’s own right but meh compared to the season. The season is only like 26 episodes, so if you can download it and have time to watch it you should definitely check it out. It’s like firefly but slightly less western and more noir/neo-noir. And has an AMAZING jazz soundtrack to go along with it. What other kind of anime/video games have you played (to see if I can find one that’s a decent comparison to the atmosphere). IMO it’s one of the best shows, anime, cartoon, live action, short-season WHATEVER, of the last 20 years.


usethegoodchina replied to your post: can anyone tell me what ‘pseudo mehndi’ is is that…

I’m guessing they’re dissing on having henna when you do not understand the symbolic/ceremonial meaning behind it. Like the notion of ‘why wear a cross if you’re not Catholic/Christian?’

well the thing is

that henna does not really have a ‘symbolic’ meaning in the first place, except in marriage but it’s become culturally dissociated to the point where people in india just apply it for fun and henna in no way (as of these current days) has any relationship to any sort of ‘cultural heritage’ or religious connotation


that is my problem with that statement

usethegoodchina: LOL that has to be the most random piece of advice ever. LUCKILY ENOUGH FOR ME I DON’T DRINK, COS I’M A FEARLESS BASTARD. loljk. no I don’t drink, and my flatmates are super cool with it which is SO BIZZARE MAN. But tomorrow I’m gonna sign up to do a module in Cognitive Psychology, so hopefully they’ll let me study that alongside French :)

luciddreamsincolour: YOU BE QUIET YOU! I love the whole voguesque fashiony blogs, YOURS IS WONDERFUL.

phantasieren: I HAD A SWELL MOVE, THANK YOU <3 uni is shaping up to be quite awesome at the mo SO YEAH THAT’S AWESOME.



wait what is that word, unworthy what the hell what no that doesn’t even no.

Okie dokie here we go.

heliopath-army: Oh gosh thank you! I make the world a prettier place? THAT IS SO NICE YOU ARE SO KIND <3

timothy-: omgyousucksomuchyouweirdo.

usethegoodchina: I tried with the university I wanted but they still said no :( Still, I got into the University of Sheffield (which was my second choice :D) and I’ve been given a GORGEOUS place to live :D So it’s all good :P

Anonymous: When I get the time and the energy I will indeed make another tutorial. I get so many requests for one it’s crazy! :P

cae-near: LOL OMG WHAT DO YOU THINK WE CAN BE FRIENDS AFTER THIS?! disgusted. loljk :P I had an awesome awesome time in Zante. Seriously. I loved every single second of it, including the days I came home at nearly 8am after spending a good few hours on the beach… yeah. No honestly it was FABULOUS. I want to upload photos and show you guys but I hate showing my personal life on tumblr because I’m weird like that.