fear of men na radiju <3


roll the dice - assembly

kemialliset ystavat - vetta yarahile
ceremony - birds

guardian alien - spiritual emergency

fountains of wayne - sink to the bottom
seam - berlitz
makthaverskan - no mercy
nada surf - popular

good throb - feminazi
dinosaur jr - feel the pain
archers of loaf - web in front
superchunk- driveway to driveway
ausmuteants - bad day
silver jews - new orleans
pavement -  here

papa m - krusty

dark blue - just another night with the boys



FEB 11

ringo deathstarr - nowhere

eternal summers - gouge
dark blue - dear iris

death of lovers - shaken
autistic youth - graves
tera melos - no phase (zorchshmu remix)

autistic youth - i don’t care
nothing - bent nail
dark blue - skinhead wedding in canberra
eagulls - possessed
cheatahs - cut the grass
burning alms - so unreal
catholic guilt - futile attempts

fear of men - alta/waterfall
catholic guilt - man of straw
animal faces - can’t see why
autistic youth - about these words
you blew it! - gray matter
dark blue - subterranean man
adventures - thin
run forever - headlights

eagulls - tough luck
puerto rico flowers - this is murder


MAY 27

ben frost - nolan

juana molina - sin guia, no
institute - putrid
arctic flowers - magdalene
sauna youth - town called distraction
dekoder - feels like dying

juana molina - eras
casanovas in heat - destiny st
the van pelt - abcds of fascism
sport - jacques mayol

bestial mouths - in empathy
stoic violence - chained
stoic violence - choke
stoic violence - two faced
teledrome - double visions
gas rag - beat off
gas rag - drugs and violence
gas rag - it’s a gift
gas rag - mass grave
kurraka - hysteria
kurraka - rraaah

kurraka - kaos
kurraka - viva el ruido
fear of men - inside



MAY 20

umberto - temple room (extended)

fatima al qadiri - wudang
torn hawk - damage with jeremy irons

peder mannerfelt - derrvish
eric holm - stave

not waving - future rain
lust for youth - lungomare dreams
ben frost - killshot

juana molina - wed 21
les marquises - the visitor

true neutral crew - more a kid (prod. w/ robedoor)
white suns - cathexis
wold - sapphire sect of tubal cain
rone - apache
sd laika - you were wrong
panabrite - tracing

rosen & spyddet - springet som symbol
fennesz - becs

peder mannerfelt - evening redness in the west


MAY 13


torn hawk - i am returning

feature - psalms
feature - reeling
makthaverskan - slowly sinking

cloud becomes your hand - nuclei spinoffs
axxa abraxas - i almost fell
ausmuteants - no motivation

the coathangers - springfield cannonball
rat columns - another day
good throb - crab walk

cosmonauts - i’m so bored with you
aloa input - radio
juana molina - salvese quien pueda

algodon egipcio - can’t stop loving you (acoustic version)
true neutral crew - who else could i be (feat diss1, prod w/ lauren bousfield)
joey fourr - whale bong

trans am - backlash
russell haswell - scratchy (freeze dub)
feature - twins
sister/body - evol of lluf

les marquises - les maitres fous
kane ikin - april

islaja - see no sun
panucci’s pizza - i killed arbor day for you
feature - fuzz

x.y.r. - eskimo

lov na 17. oktobar



Pinback - Proceed to Memory
Expo ‘70 - Closet Full of Candles

BEBETUNE$ - Pepsi Baby
Kevin Greenspon - Fifteen and Descending on Corona
Dinosaur jr - Forget the Swan

Dinosaur jr - Little Fury Things
Panabrite - Departing
Dinosaur jr - Freak Scene
Pulse Emitter - Bioluminescence

Dinosaur jr - The Wagon
Dan Friel - Valedictorian
Dinosaur jr - Get Me

Dinosaur jr - Feel the Pain
Eternal Summers - Able to
Dinosaur jr - Sure Not over You
White Lung - Glue
Dinosaur jr - Crumble
Dinosaur jr - Over It

Dinosaur jr - Watch the Corners



double dagger - the mirror

thee oh sees - sewer fire
eagulls - coffin
olafur arnalds - so close (ft arnor dan)

daveed diggs - i write rap songs
clipping - loud
moon duo - rolling out (umberto mix)

double dagger - supply/demand
thee oh sees - humans be swayed
a place to bury strangers - don’t burn the flies

no joy - lizard kids
colleen green - only one
miguel baptista benedict - sign language

thee oh sees - candy clock
double dagger - foreign bodies
la femme - packshot
neon neon - hammer and sickle

ladyscraper - electric blizzard
thee oh sees - minotaur

double dagger - heretic’s hymn


FEBRUARY 27::::::::..

la femme - sur la planche 2013
playlounge - ghost grrrl

technicolor lies -  god of many names
bitches - sleep walk
technicolor lies - sound of the waves
umberto - initial revelation

metz - get off
pleasure leftist - elephant man
lust for youth - virgins hold hands
pleasure leftist - not over

whirr - leave
nostalgist - twisting, slowly (cleansing doubt)
dan friel - scavengers
nostalgist - illusory

klapa s mora - mižerja (usesluh chipmunch nemix)

destruction unit - great wall
destruction unit - evil man




sport - .
sport - reggie lewis

gold-bears - chest
slowcoaches - gimme fuck ups

arctic flowers - impasse
braid - damages!

burning alms - mid-storm/still ending
vestiges - i

acxdc - fuck it dood… let’s go bowling
acxdc - jokes on you
acxdc - t-shirt time
run forever - lost the feeling
sport - andre the giant
gulfer - m.c. groggy

sport - florence griffith joyner
implore - grieved mankind (black clovds)
sugartown cabaret - mai

aussitot mort - mort, mort, mort
jaded - visit
united nations - fuck the future
you blew it! - regional dialect

nai harvest - hold open my head
playlounge - daisy chain
panucci’s pizza - i killed arbor day for you

the hotelier - an introduction to the album
benchwarmers - sth to do

sauna youth - oh joel




kent state - disconnected (feat. airlooms)
wild moth - the dreamers

free weed & unkle funkle - quit playin’ games (with my heart)
psychic blood - bed head
big eyes - nothing you could say

grooms - i think we’re alone now
industrial park - parallel lines
burning yellows - urinal cakes
impalers - wrecking ball
die - die

westkust - summer 3d
die - life is hate
belgrado - sombra de la cruz
trachimbrod - erect, eyes close
crystal stilts - nature noir

wild moth - souvenir (no future)
red dons - cold hearted
white poppy - darkness turns to light
big eyes - being unkind
psychic blood - drrrty
impalers - apparitions
westkust - weekends

red dons - losing track
wild moth - pt. dume




death of lovers - cold heaven
night sins - air dance
shocking pinks - what’s up with that girl (feat. ashlin frances raymoind - akritype)

ejecta - mistress
facit - albatross
nord och syd - min arm

school of seven bells - chain
a sunny day in glasgow - in love with useless (the timeless geometry in the tradition of passing)
i break horses - berceuse

ceremony - the sunglass girl
mogwai - repelish
tera melos - snake lake (busdriver remix feat milo)

nai harvest - sitcom fade-in
i kill giants - just because
sport - jacques mayol

divorce - you ruined it for everybody
guerilla toss - gay disco
katie gately - last day
rangefinder - world circle

lauren bousfield - avalon sliding down the cliff
d/p/i - trust
d/p/i - thank you