In Jan 1972, the USEPA asked nearly 100 freelance photographers to roam the country in the pursuit of a single goal: documenting “the environmental happenings and non-happenings” of the decade. By 1977, the photographers had submitted more than 80,000 images for the project, known as Documerica. About 1/4 of the photos were shown in public exhibitions but then filed away and largely forgotten.

Rediscovered by Jerry Simmons, an archives specialist at the National Archives and Records Administration, the collection has been unearthed in time for its 40th anniversary. More than 15,000 images have been digitized and posted at the National Archives Web site, and a selection is also available on Flickr.

Water Utilities Own the Value of Water Equation

Water Utilities Own the Value of Water Equation

I was listening to a web presentation on the value of water and heard this statement: “Most Americans don’t understand the true value of water.” I would argue that most Americans don’t understand the true value of water utilities.

Let me take you through my logic on this

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency put a lot of resources behind trying to answer the question, “what is the value of…

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This article is NOT about “illegal dumping” but should read “stealing of services”.  Charges sound similar to a local cable company filling charges for someone connecting to their local cable network without permission; company is losing potential income.  This Mason, W.Va. man was stealing services from the town’s treatment system, don’t you think? Of course, the WVDEP will seek further charges to make it an environmental matter keeping it within their purview. After reading this Herald Dispatch News Article,  I merely see one government agency assisting another.

NOW, if you want to see clear violation(s) of the Clean Water Act, and or illegal dumping with Local (Cabell County, WV) Governemt, WV State, and the US EPA turning a blind eye, look at the following links. You too will ask why has this been going on since 2000 even after the death of the owner.

Search for ‘Cabell County’ on YouTube also.

Search ‘Cabell County’ on:

Search ‘Cabell County’ on:

“In an effort to improve upon this method, the U.S. EPA recently developed Method 1615: Measurement of Enterovirus and Norovirus Occurrence in Water by Culture and RT-qPCR. Method 1615 uses a culturable virus assay with reduced equipment and labor costs compared to the ICR virus method and introduces a new molecular assay for detection of enteroviruses and noroviruses by reverse transcription-quantitative PCR. ”

Reference News article above search ‘Cabell County’ on YouTube to see the many attractions that are available. Just for an example: the Barker Ridge Mall (if they don’t have it they’ll get-R), and of course, the melodious scary farm near where many residents have contracted Hepatitis-A.

Pack a lunch, and enjoy ‘Wild and Wonderful’ Cabell County, West Virginia.  Make sure you have your shots first.

In the event you are having difficulties finding these YouTube videos, here is a hint.

AAA Dump Site GPS:
38 30’ 03.41“ N
82 11‘ 3.5.81“ W

USAIDIS & AAEE Joint Luncheon

Join USAIDIS and the American Academy of Environmental Engineers for a luncheon, Tuesday, September 18th. Hear Guest Speaker Mr. Mike Shapiro, USEPA Deputy Assistant Administrator for Water, discuss Cross-Border Environmental Issues in the US-Mexico Border Region. US AIDIS is a section of the Inter-American Association of Sanitary and Environmental Engineering.

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Cabell County Makes Another List.

Here is another article related to Cabell County West Virginia, health matters, and U.S. county health standings. If you don’t believe me perhaps you will believe the Wall Street Journal.

Would you think that the Cabell County Health Department should get a hand in this accomplishment? Personally, I think they deserve the boot.

Coming in at number 7 throughout the USA, Cabell County again makes near top of a national list:

“7. Cabell, W.V.
Premature deaths (years of life lost per 100,000): 11,787 (26th highest)
Percent reporting fair or poor health: 21% (131st highest)
Unemployment: 8.1%
Children in poverty: 35% (tied for 39th highest)
Largest municipality: Huntington

Cabell’s health failings are numerous and perhaps most apparent in the high rate of births with low weight. The county ranks among the worst in the country in that category with more than 11% of babies born with low birth weight. The county also has relatively high rates for the number of days residents report being physically unhealthy and mentally unhealthy each month at 4.8 and 4.7, respectively. Additionally, 14% of adults in the area are diabetic, which is among the nation’s highest rates.” according the The Most Unhealthy Counties in America - 24/7 Wall St.

Earlier, when Huntington, WV wanted to improve itself it visited Mississippi for pointers, right? Well, on this particular list, Pearl River, Mississippi is at number ten. So West Virginia, do you still want to want to seek their council?

Folks, just in case you don’t want to look up the data:

“10. Pearl River, Miss.
Premature deaths (years of life lost per 100,000): 12,162 (16th highest)
Percent reporting fair or poor health: 22% (77th highest)
Unemployment: 10.9%
Children in poverty: 32% (87th highest)
Largest municipality: Picayune

Pearl River County stands out as particularly unhealthy compared to the rest of the country in a number of categories. Perhaps most striking is the vast number of residents dying prematurely. Of the 1,000 counties in the report, Pearl River ranks 16th worst in this category. The residents’ unhealthy lifestyle contributes to their poor health. Thirty-two percent of adults in the region smoke — the country’s fifth-highest rate. At 63%, the county also has one of the highest rates of fast-food restaurants among all restaurants. Additionally, the county has one of the highest rates of preventable hospital stays among medicare enrollees,” as identified in The Most Unhealthy Counties in America - 24/7 Wall St.

You have heard me rant about the Clean Water Act, and the flowing of ‘STUFF’ via ground waters, effecting well water, entering streams, and the Mudd, and OHIO Rivers, right? Does Scioto. Ohio receive flowing Ohio River water down stream from the Cabell County area? Hello!

“8. Scioto, Ohio
Premature deaths (years of life lost per 100,000): 11,262 (44th highest)
Percent reporting fair or poor health: 26% (27th highest)
Unemployment: 12.8%
Children in poverty: 32% (84th highest)
Largest municipality: Portsmouth

On average, residents of Scioto, Ohio, report being physically unhealthy 7.1 days out of each month — the second-highest rate in the country. They also report being mentally unhealthy 6.2 days each month, which is the fifth-highest rate in the country. As is the case with many other counties on this list, Scioto has a number of particularly unhealthy behavioral traits. For example, 36% of residents are smokers — the country’s highest rate. The county also has among the highest rates of preventable hospital stays among medicare enrollees,” again according to The Most Unhealthy Counties in America - 24/7 Wall St.

But your government officials will tell you that this is ‘apples and oranges’ in relationship. But then again they will tell you just about anything, you think?

View this video and ask yourself, ‘can I get better yield in my crops, enjoy a fresh drink of water, do I care if the flow crosses my neighbors’ property, or so what, it flows down stream - it doesn’t stay here’. Okay, your answer. Obviously, US EPA, WVDEP, and Cabell County, WV officials don’t care, this dump has been going on since 2000. Now, are you interested?

Visit my facebook page for similar video that someone may NOT want you to see.

The post is long, but so is the crime against humanity. Too many government agencies all name but enough blame to go around don’t you think Governor.

Health Consultation: Former Wolff-Alport Chemical Corporation Site, 1125-1139 Irving Avenue, Queens, New York, January 23, 2014.

In 2012, the United States Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) Region II office requested that the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) review radiologic data collected at the location of the former Wolff-Alport Chemical Compa

Many county, state and federal government agencies are charged to protect citizens for which they serve. More specifically, when it comes to health matters we have, at the county level, health departments, commissions, and even the state governor serving within the chain-of-command.  Many are turning a blind eye to a major health issue.  An issue that has been going on since 2000.  There is enough responsibility to go around, and a major national news agency should take the lead in reporting on this matter.

Please, while viewing this ENTIRE video, consider the Clean Water Act, ground waters, local wells, water-sheds, and the polluting of our local streams, and all water ways to include major rivers. Should these issues be at the top of their concerns? 

Watch the video in its entirety and ask yourself if they meet the challenge.  I think not.

How about thinking of what is going into your drinking water.  Where are the WVDEP, and USEPA government agencies?

When the media quits talking about a few drops from a truck, think about the loads being dumped into our ground waters effecting wells, running across property-lines and flowing into the Mud and Ohio Rivers.  Look for yourself:

Come to Cabell County, West Virginia EPA and NOT volunteer, but do your job!  Clean up this mess effecting streams, rivers, and the Clean Water Act”

The following video identifies a dump site operating since 2000 with written permits from the West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection under the US EPA nose.  This is on-going, self reporting, and ON THEIR WATCH”

US-EPA, here is some “RTK” that citizens need to know.  That is if the US-EPA will present the data. 

The WVDEP (West Virginia Division of Environmental Protection) continues to provide written permits for the dump site identified below since 2000.

Recently the Cabell County Health Department in WV identified a Hepatitis-A Outbreak., Residents were treated only a couple miles from the following Raw Sewage (un-screened, and un-treated) dump site.  Getting the picture?

View the following and if you don’t know the location, that is provided as well.  Now, what is the government’s official excuse.

AAA Dump Site GPS:
38 30’ 03.41“ N
82 11‘ 3.5.81“ W

Thanks for Nothing

Thanking the WV-DEP, US-EPA, Cabell County Commission, and our Cabell County Health Department for the memories. Their lack of caring, and non-professional performance is indicative of their self-serving mind-set. Electing or appointing someone off the street without the basic understanding for others exemplifies the low standards required for political careers. “Wow, has this dumping been going on that long,” you ask? It’s January 2011 at 6:10 PM, the Crap Man takes his moon-light spin. As he spreads good cheer you may hear him swear, “Enjoy neighbors, and Happy New Year. To all a stinky night, and your health, who cares. I’m making more money than you ever will”. Shouting aloud while wiping crap from his beard, “H a p p y N e w Y e a r, and h e r e i s y o u r g o o d c h e e r!” Yep, it has been going on since 2000 and you got to know that I hope our lack-of-leaders are found equally guilty through omissions as the perpetrator is guilty for his commission therein. This one truck holds approximately 2,500 gallons of RAW natural cheer MAY BE contributing to health issues near, as I think of the Barker Ridge Hepatitis-A outbreak deal. Thanks for the Memories Sharing our memories in video: AAA Dump Site GPS: 38 30’ 03.41“ N 82 11‘ 3.5.81“ W