I'm OK

I’m okay with not being able to enter the “Fly with One Direction” contest because I don’t live in the UK. 

I’m afraid of flying anyway. And, the anxiety of flying coupled with the fangirl feelings of being in such a small space with One Direction would be too much for me. And, I would probably pass out and go into some sort of coma. And, I don’t want the boys to feel bad for putting me into a coma.



(JK, I’m sad. What if they could’ve helped me overcome my fear? What if Harry held my hand the whole time and comforted me? AHHH)


So, I saw the boys last night in San Diego. And, it was literally one of the best shows I’ve ever seen. I sat directly in the middle on the floor, and it was just fucking amazing. I’m convinced that Louis sang to me at one point. And, Niall is just so aslhfasodasasoe. And, Zayn was killing me with all those solos. And, Liam doing the splits and a headstand. WHAT? And, Haz getting his ass grabbed. Loved! Loved! Loved! Ahh, my voice is shot. My feet are killing me and my head is throbbing. But it was all fun. I was really excited to go, but now that it’s over… I feel empty. Lol. 

I’m working on making some gifs/putting up pictures right now. I didn’t bring my good camera because I didn’t think they’d let me bring it in, so the pictures are sort of crap. But, they’re the best I can do! (:


Hi Tumblr! I'm not dead.

Running a blog that’s not my personal is so not my expertise. I’m sorry, followers. As for fanfics, I’ve put a hold on that because my real world life consumes my every waking moment (and let’s be honest, even when I’m asleep, I’m thinking about school and work and everything else but this blog).

But, every so often, I get an urge to write something. Be it a fanfiction or just a random opinion on the boys, so I’ll hop on here every now and then.

I’m not dead. I’m just tired most of the time. But, the semester is coming to an end. Phew! And, my feelings for Harry Styles are just growing and growing by the second.

So, free time and heavy feels might just be the recipe for more time for me on this blog. Who knows?

Forever Young [Zayn Malik]; Chapter 18

[Make Like Juno]

“I think being pregnant will be a good look for you. I always thought you’d be cute with chubby cheeks,” Noah examined me from across the dinner table.

I rolled my eyes, “Please don’t even joke about that. It’s not funny.”

He pouted and reached over to grip my hand, “Sorry, bubba. I’m sure everything will work out.”

I was pretty sure Noah was right. Whatever mess Zayn and I had made would be cleaned up, right? Oh, who I was kidding? I didn’t know what to think. Neither Zayn nor myself could piece together a coherent memory of that night. There’s a chance that there was some sort of protection that a careless Zayn had thrown off to the side after everything went down. But, we couldn’t find any trace of that in his flat. There’s also a chance that his parts and my parts never made contact; that the two of us knocked out before anything happened. But, again, we couldn’t remember a thing.

After spending the whole day trying to figure everything out, we decided to keep mum about everything. I was to go home just like planned and go through the normal motions of every day life. There was no need to alarm anyone if I wasn’t with child.

I got past my parents all right (mostly because I pretended like I had a huge migraine and didn’t want to talk). But, when it came to Noah, it was like he had some sort of radar that sensed that I left my v-card in London. I didn’t dare tell Zayn that Noah knew. I knew he was having a hard time keeping it to himself. I even got a few calls from the boys asking if the two of us had a problem during my stay.

Oh, if they only knew.

Thankfully, Zayn wasn’t one of those guys you see on TV that ditch the girl after realizing there might be a baby in the picture. In fact, he was more involved with my life and me. There wasn’t a minute in the day when I didn’t have a text or a call from him. He was constantly checking up on me, and I counted my lucky stars that he was that kind of guy.

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Seeing the picture of Harry in that Ferarri

And, all I can think about it how thankful I am that I did not see him on the road. I feel like if I pulled up next to him at a stoplight, I would not be able to function. I would just stare and get honked at by angry and impatient California drivers.

But, seriously.


So I just finished watching the animated adventures of One Direction (or whatever it’s called). Oh, so great. I feel the need to bow down to the creator of that amazingness. Have you guys watched it yet?

usehernamex3 is now on tumblr!

(Actually, this is my second time posting this. I deleted the other one because I couldn’t follow other blogs since it was only a secondary one.)

Well, I’ll admit, I’ve been on tumblr for ages now through my personal. But, I’ve just now decided to start posting my fanfics on tumblr. I’ve been posting them on Mibba, but Mibba just isn’t the same anymore. Plus, I’d really like it if more fans got to read my stuff.

In addition to my fanfics, I will be posting my random fangirl rants/thoughts about One Direction just because I feel like my personal blog has been overrun by my feelings about a band that does not know I exist. Haha. 

Teehee, I’m exited for what tumblr has to bring for me! (:

xoxo - Aubrey A.


On a side note, I’m going to keep my personal tumblr private. Writing fanfics is sort of this other world I slip into, so as much as possible, I’d like to keep the two blogs separate.