AU where Dumbledore’s Army uses the Chamber of Secrets instead of the Room of Requirement
  • Ultimate security as Harry is the only one capable of opening it. 
  • Myrtle proudly spending her time acting as a guard/lookout. 

  • Later, Harry diligently teaching Ron, Hermione, and a few choice others, like Neville, how to mimic parseltongue so that they can open it too. 

  • Muggleborns experiencing vicious satisfaction that they’re using this chamber as a place of education and defense, reclaiming the very space Slytherin built to rid the school of their presence. 

  • Hermione methodically dismantling the basilisk’s corpse, covertly selling the priceless ingredients to potion masters, using the funds to continue their work - buying books and battle robes and new wands for those who can’t afford it. 

  • (Hermione saving a portion of those ingredients for her own research, straightening in triumph when she learns what basilisk venom does to horcruxes, knowing she has vials of it hidden up in her room). 

  • Harry reverently adding the Chamber of Secrets to the Marauder’s Map, proudly continuing his family’s work and reveling in the difference they’re making. 

  • These students - these kids - choosing to train in a dark, horrifying place that was never meant for them. Learning spells amongst shadows, growing stronger in inches of murky water, the smell of a decomposing corpse in their noses, memories of all that had happened here haunting them. They know this is what war is really like and it helps to push them forward.  
Top 5 Music Moments

Since i’m a silly idiot who hangs out with Cranky Kong and makes too many music lists in my head, here’s a list of my top moments in songs (as of today, and it has generally stayed the same choices for the last 3 years)

1. Cuckoo Cuckoo - Animal Collective

The main piano loop. IF there’s any possibility that we really are some sort of transcendent energy masterpiece than this loop is the vibe my soul gives off to all the goofs in heaven. Its so heart breaking and honest and sad, everything is beautiful and everything is at stake just for being alive.

2. What You Want - My Bloody Valentine

The way Kevin Shields voice trails off at the end of each verse. There’s a certain magic in Kevin’s vocals, the same one I find in those Beatles harmonies and Robert Pollards voice circa Bee Thousand that seems completely otherworldly. It just gently exists, past the point of being frustrated in this massive, chaotic, elephant guitar world.

3. In The Flowers - Animal Collective

When it gets MASSIVE.

True Story - one time a midst the biggest depression I had ever faced yet I put on this song on and was cheered up INSTANTLY and forever, I still feel good and that was like 3 months ago. When I was first discovering alternative/indie/weneedabettertermforgoodmusic, I remember being so annoyed at this part, “Its like being attacked, from a song!?” but now every time I never turn it down I just give myself to it and this weird fireworks fairy entity appears to hover over my head.

4. Feel Like Makin’ Love - D'Angelo

When the Rhodes SO GENTLY comes in and casts a rainbow over the track. That sound is mixed so quietly, cant get over the perfection in the design of that Rhodes in relation to the whole song. I always picture some idyllic night in New York when I hear this song.

5. Useful Chamber - Dirty Projectors

After the first dissonant freak out the female vocalists come in and sound like the closest approximation of angels anyone has heard or can imagine. So anyways they beautifully assault you with giant AAHS but with a simple vowel shape change the mood is powerfully comforting. Thanks Dave, way to orchestrate shit like no one ever does or will.


‘Dirty Projectors - Useful Chamber’. “Far away.”