Yesterday’s Parade Magazine cover of Patrick Kennedy and Ted Kennedy Jr, in an exact replica of Sen. Ted Kennedy’s Senate office, was shot by yours truly. The original concept was to have Patrick Kennedy with a group of kids from the Boy and Girls Club at the newly opened Kennedy Institute, but logistics and schedules didn’t allow for that. Then it was going to be just the kids, then it turned into this. The kids ran on the inside. The Institute is a beautiful state of the art building right next to the JFK Library. Not pictured here is the exact replica of the US Senate Chambers. It’s worth a visit. They hadn’t seen the finished product so it was really cool listening to the brother reminisce about their experience in their father’s office, as if they were in his actual office.

Well look what we have here: exactly what I was talking about, straight from the writers.


"God bless you, Sidney."
“Do you know, you’re the first person since my ordination to say that?”

it’s gotten to the point where i just want to sit steven moffat down in a room

and explain to him the reasons why he’s such a fucking douchebag