Ever wanted a fantasy/rune/sci-fi/glyph language to use in your game/story/everyday life/whatever?

Lucky You!

"Ritch Chi!" (Lucky You!)

Zirka is a right-to-left written language that I’ve been developing on and off for about 10 years, and it’s finally ready for official use! Originally just an English alphabet mask for a map I made when I was little, I’ve borrowed from several other languages and developed simple grammar rules that have turned it into a full-blown language all its own. It’s an approximate language at best, but that makes it perfect for runic or ancient inscriptions. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also make full pages of text in Zirka to also make an alien library! And it’s not just a written language—you can read it aloud, too! It’s intended to be mysterious but be translatable, to look cool but be pronounceable.

If you’re interested, let me know and if enough people express interest, I’ll compile a web page for anyone to reference and maybe even write up some JS if you want to use it on your website! :)


Sobre Degradês:

Preencha uma área com degradê arrastando dentro da imagem ou selecionando a ferramenta Degradê. A distância entre o ponto inicial (onde o botão do mouse é pressionado pela primeira vez) e o ponto final (onde o botão do mouse é liberado) afeta a aparência do degradê e também o tipo de degradê.

Usando a ferramenta Degradê e o Editor de degradês, você pode criar uma mistura personalizada de cores nas suas fotos.

É possível escolher qualquer um dos seguintes tipos de degradê na barra de Opções de ferramentas.

  • Degradê linear: Sombreia do ponto inicial para o final, em linha reta.
  • Degradê radial: Sombreia desde o ponto inicial até o ponto final, em círculo.
  • Degradê angular: Sombreia no sentido anti-horário, varrendo em torno do ponto inicial.
  • Degradê refletido: Sombreia usando degradês lineares simétricos, em ambos os lados do ponto inicial.
  • Degradê Diamante: Sombreia a partir do ponto inicial para fora, em um padrão de losango. O ponto final define um vértice do losango.

Dica: Também é possível usar uma Camada de preenchimento para aplicar um degradê à imagem. A camada de preenchimento proporciona a flexibilidade adicional de modificar as propriedades do degradê e de editar a máscara da camada de preenchimento de forma a limitar o degradê a uma parte da sua imagem.

Degradês são armazenados em bibliotecas. Você pode escolher uma biblioteca diferente de degradês para exibição no menu Seletor de degradês clicando no menu e selecionando uma biblioteca na parte inferior da lista. Também pode salvar e carregar as suas próprias bibliotecas de degradês nesse menu. Também é possível gerenciar degradês como uso do Gerenciador de predefinições.

Aplicar um degradê:

  1. Para preencher parte da imagem, selecione a área com uma das ferramentas de seleção. Caso contrário, o preenchimento degradê será aplicado a toda a camada ativa.
  2. Selecione a ferramenta Degradê .
  3. Na barra de Opções de ferramentas, clique no tipo de degradê desejado.
  4. Escolha um preenchimento de degradê no painel Seletor de degradês na barra de Opções de ferramentas.
  5. (Opcional) Defina opções de degradês na barra de Opções de ferramentas.

    Modo:Especifica como o degradê se mescla com os pixels existentes na imagem.
    Opacidade:Define a opacidade do degradê. Uma configuração de baixa opacidade permite que os pixels sob o degradê sejam exibidos. Arraste o controle deslizante ou insira um valor de opacidade.
    Inverter:Alterna a ordem das cores no preenchimento de degradê.
    Transparência: Usa a transparência do degradê (em vez de áreas transparentes na imagem) quando o degradê possui áreas transparentes.
    Pontilhamento: Cria uma mesclagem mais suave com listras de cores menos óbvias.

  6. Na imagem, posicione o ponteiro no local em que deseja definir o ponto inicial do degradê e arraste para definir o ponto final. Para restringir o ângulo do degradê a um múltiplo de 45°, mantenha a tecla Shift pressionada enquanto arrasta.

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I’ve made a tag for all the presentations, workshops, panels, walkthroughs and timelapse videos I’ve made, so you can browse them whenever you’re looking for inspiration or heady conceptual exercises or a soothing narration about watercolour pigments. Click here to see them all! 


The Wallet Ninja

It seems like the only thing you can’t do with this little helper.. is paying

BUT aside from this it offers so much more functionality than a credit card. It has the same size as a credit card, so you can easily put it in your wallet. There’s six Hex wrenches, a can opener, fruit peeler, bottle opener, ruler (standard & metric), letter opener, box opener, phone stand, and eyeglasses, Philips and flathead screwdrivers. It’s made from 4x heat treated steel, and comes with a lifetime guarantee to never rust, bend, dull, or fold up.

GET your own Wallet Ninja ($14.99 amazon)

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I recently made a back-to-school masterpost with study tips, organization tips, apps etc. (you can find it here) and I thought that making another one for random things would be a good idea. I tried to find as many good articles/websites etc. I could, and I hope that you will like it and find it useful somehow!

1. Music & Sounds

22 heartmoving soundtracks
➳great songs from gravity (I) (II)
full amelie soundtrack
best musical scores-the pirates of the caribbean
3 hours of lord of the rings music
the hobbit (an unexpected journey) soundtrack
9 hours of harry potter music
"sad" movie soundtracks (I call them inspirational)
4 hours of emotional music
2 hours of celtic music
delta waves deep sleep
for long study sessions
inception soundtrack
beethoven piano classics
rain makes everything better
mix nature sounds
coffee shop sounds
mix 10 sounds in soundrown
ocean waves
nature sounds in calmsound

2. Fitness

5 yoga poses at your desk
6-minute yoga series for morning or afternoon 
ten yoga stretches you should do daily
easy yoga workout
five quick exersices to do at home
fifty ways to be more active
fitness gifs for you
two easy workout for weight loss
20 exercise tips from harvard
five good exercises that harvard suggests

3. Hobbies, Relaxation & Free Time

learn how to play guitar in 10 hours
7 steps to learn how to play piano
learn french for free
learn italian for free
learn spanish for free
the best classic literature
best poetry books of all time
the best mystery books
all time non-fiction books
top romance books of all time
free painting lessons
free drawing lessons
how to make an awesome pencil sketch
101 things to do when you are bored
how to make origami
surprise your friend with those magic tricks
choose and make easy desserts
ways to spend your free time more creatively
make a gif
20 productive ways to waste your time

4. Some Amazing Websites

the quiet place
90 seconds of relaxation
white noise that calms you
do nothing for 10 minutes
interactive generative art
create your own nebula
the thoughts room
calming manatee

I hope that this will be helpful to you somehow! I love every single link on that post and I hope that you will do so. Have a great time!

Relationships Masterpost Part 2: What's Already Done (with links!!)

part 1 (with aries, taurus, gemini and cancer) is here

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Scorpio and Arries: love gif
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Scorpio and Pisces: pros and cons ; love gif & compatibility post

you can find everything on my compatibility page: 

Tips for Post-Secondary Schooling

1: buy your books online at a site like slugbooks at least three weeks in advance.

prices at your university/college’s bookstore are ridiculous, and shipping takes a while. if the timing is not an option, buy books full price only if you can get a full refund, order your books online, and then return your official!books for the shipped!books

2: don’t buy food out.

in a month i spent close to $300 on food/coffee etc. a treat every now and again is fine, but prepare your food the night before or buy easily made food. its a pain, but its worth it

3: (for Canadians) opt into OSAP relief. for non-Canadians, there should be something similar

it’s a little known branch of financial aid that either frees you from paying interest on your school loans, or gives you a set interest fee by calculating your/whoever is paying your tuition’s income

4: if it’s an option, defer your first payment, and then save up until you can pay the minimum fee for your first semester/year.

it’s a huge amount of relief not to have to worry about that on top of choosing your courses, your campus, your commute, etc

5: keep a physical planner

there’s nothing like writing it down with a pen and paper to get me to remember stuff. putting it in my phone means i will absolutely forget it. it helps to see your course timetable, calculate your budget, and plan around other things, like a social life. this is the best one i found, and it’s only about $20.

6: dressing up can do wonders for you, but slumming it is good too

nobody cares. absolutely nobody cares how you look, so if it’s a pyjama day, it’s a pyjama day. unless, of course, you’re going to office hours/have an interview/meeting. then the professor/TA/other official will care

7: go to at least one damn office hour

your TA/professor will love it and remember you, which is good if you need advice about anything. even if you have nothing to say, go to an office hour and just talk about an assignment, your reading, whatever. it always always helps, i swear.

8: you will be stressed out, you won’t sleep as much as you should, but that’s ok

its fine, i swear. cry, talk to someone, rant, procrastinate a little, it won’t kill you. but if you feel like you’re falling apart, go to your mental health facility at your college/university. even if you don’t see anyone, somehow just being in the space feels like a hug

9: if you must skip something, skip a lecture, never a tutorial

its not worth it to skip either, but your tutorial has participation points that are half filled just by showing up. and usually, if you missed the lecture, you can bullshit your way through the tutorial by going ‘i agree’. look, you’re human. its ok.

10: don’t ever, ever, ever record your lectures, unless you’re superhuman

i never ever ever listen to recordings of my lectures. literally never. its a way to feel productive while not actually being productive. take notes, borrow someone’s notes, buy notes. just notes.

11: read your notes

i tell myself i’ll read my notes after every class, and i don’t. still, at some point during your week, read your notes. when exam time comes, that rereading is what i remember to help me

BONUS: read your notes out loud in a funny voice. you’ll get a laugh, and something about the ridiculousness helps you remember things too.

12: it’s totally fine to go to a lecture and start tumblring

or whatever other social media you’re involved in. just take a few notes, at least. i can multitask by splitting my screen. one half tumblr, one half notes. i usually write at least something down, and something is better than nothing

13: give yourself a break

do something fun once a week, where you’re not allowed to talk about school. have a study date, you will get something done, and you will also have fun. the ratio between them will be totally unequal, but mental health is important 

14: take classes you can actually sit through

makes everything easier. that’s not always an option, but sign up for something that’s not going to make you want to die.

15: talk to people in your lecture, on the couch next to you, in line beside you

that’s how you make friends. its easy, when everyone is bemoaning school. dont get intimidated. if the person’s a jerk, move on to someone else. they’re not all jerks

16: reward yourself for studying

i tell myself: ‘i’ll write my intro and give myself five minutes on tumblr’ it actually works.

Relationships Masterpost Part 1: What's Already Done (with links!!)

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Taurus and Aries: love gif

Taurus and Taurus: pros and cons
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Taurus and Virgo: compatibility post
Taurus and Scorpio: pros and cons & love gif
Taurus and Sagittarius: love gif
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Gemini and Aries: pros and cons
Gemini and Cancer: love gif
Gemini and Virgo: love gif
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Cancer and Aries: love gif
Cancer and Taurus: pros and cons & love gif
Cancer and Gemini: love gif
Cancer and Cancer: love gif
Cancer and Leo: love gif
Cancer and Virgo: pros and cons
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Cancer and Scorpio: pros and cons & love gif
Cancer and Capricorn: pros and cons & love gif 1 / love gif 2
Cancer and Aquarius: pros and cons
Cancer and Pisces: pros and cons & love gif

you can find everything on my compatibility page:

Commercial software is good and usually quite expensive. Luckily for us there are tons of great free alternatives available that are often neglected. Here’s a list of freeware that might be useful to you.






  • Inkscape - alternative to Adobe Illustrator
  • GIMP - aka free Photoshop
  • K-3D - 3D modeling, animation and rendering system
  • PhotoScape - very useful and simple image editor
  • PhotoFiltre - complete image retouching program
  • Photobie - simple photo editor with advanced options
  • Pixelitor - an editor with a lot of filters
  • paint.NET - another very good alternative to Photoshop
  • Blender - 3D creation for anyone
  • 3D Crafter - a real-time 3D modeling and animation tool
  • OpenFX - 3D modeling, animation and rendering suite
  • Synfig - 2D animation software
  • Tupi - fun 2D animation tool
  • FreeCAD - I think its name says it all
  • DeleD CE - 3D modeler and level-editor in one
  • BRL-CAD - open source solid modeling
  • LibreCAD - 2D CAD
  • NaroCAD - another amazing AutoCAD alternative
  • Scribus - InDesign alternative
  • XnView - an efficient multimedia viewer, browser and converter
  • FastStone - an image viewer
  • IrfanView - one of the most popular viewers


Get more freeware on SourceForge, Freeware Files and Gizmo’s Freeware

This list was made with Windows users in mind, some of the software listed above may be available for other operating system. 

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