My Desire Never Ending || Jared & Addyson

Addyson was laying down on the couch, her feet propped up on the armrest. She cocked her head, frowning as she noticed scuff marks that she really could only noticed while she was sitting there with all of her attention on the shoes. Her partner was late, and she had gotten bored of counting ceiling tiles. She hated the time between getting somewhere and actually beginning what you were there to do.

But there were worse things than being stuck in a swanky hotel. Addyson jumped at every opportunity she had to get out do a mission. She still wasn’t used to being stuck in one place. She felt like she had to keep moving. She was always restless. Division had changed a lot of her habits, but her need to constantly be moving could never seem to be cured.

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Spell your name in song titles

P - Polaroid by Imagine Dragons
I - I’m a mess by Ed Sheeran 
A - Attack by 30 Seconds To Mars

Why your URL?

it’s part of the lyrics of Search and Destroy by 30 Seconds To Mars - I can’t even tell you how much I miss the old days when we used to listen to it for hours… I don’t know how I felt the time I created my tumblr blog - it was 4 years ago but I always loved that song and the meaning behind it..

Your middle name?
Marissa 🙈

If you could own a fictional/fairytale pet which would it be?
I don’t know ._.

Favourite colour?
White - Black - Dark Red
But i can’t decide -I love almost every color

Favourite song ?
Right now it’s ‘I’m on fire’ by Bruce Springsteen.. Listening to those songs feels like getting in touch with an old friend.. It’s beautiful.

Top 3 fandoms
Game of Thrones - 😻
I’m not part of any other

Why do you like tumblr?
Ugh this question is tough - there is no specific reason I just love tumblr in general - it helped me to get through a lot of hard times - I guess it was some sort of shelter for me and it still is.. More over tumblr users are way better than most people I know in real life..

I can’t tell you how much I miss you.

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