According to USDG, many streets can undergo a three-phase transformation : Existing, Interim and Reconstruction.  Before fully transforming a streetscape, it might be wise to include an interim phase to test out the pattern without investing the same amount of capital that would be needed to undergo the full project.

If the new pattern is accepted, a full overhaul could be implemented, including repaving, new drainage, traffic patterns, lighting, sidewalks, and greenery.


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The USDG opens by laying the framework for how urban streets should be seen.  These idealizations are for inner city and suburban streets; not necessarily rural streets.

  • Streets are public spaces
  • Streets are good for business
  • Streets can be changed
  • Design for safety
  • Streets are ecosystems
  • Act now

This foreground information will likely be reiterated throughout the guide as each of the chapters are explained.