Emergency Sale! [$10-15 Busts!]

Update: Ok so we made it to the appointment and the tech wasn’t even there… so we have to make the trip again tomorrow…. ~__~

So this sale is extended because I’m desperate for money, as usual, ugh. We need to be able to pay car insurance by the end of the month or we lose that too x_x Gdi THE LIGHT IS RIGHT AT THE END OF THE TUNNEL BUT ALL THESE CARS TRYIN’A CRASH INTO ME. x.x (There are a few lengthy posts about the situation on my blog.)

Edit: For those asking to donate a little, my PayPal is: amethystxrose@gmail.com

Any reblogs are also appreciated!! Thanks guys!

Soooo, still not quite out in the clear yet. Caliburn’s post-op follow up is tomorrow afternoon, but unfortunately it’s an hour away and we have no gas or money. We’re also low on necessities like, uh, food…

So on one end we’re ok, we’re not homeless and the procedure seems to have worked! On the other hand how the hell do we manage this?

So for tonight, to attempt to earn a little money for gas and water, I’ll open a “flash sale!”

For $15 you can order a quick bust like so:


These are a little messy because they’re quick, but I try to keep them as clean as I can.

Or, if $10 is more your limit, then I will sketch a lineart, like so:


Any other amounts/ideas, just inbox me! I have a list going of full on commissions, so if you order anything too detailed you’ll have to be added to that and be patient. ;u; The goal is to make some quick money but be quick about the art lol

Must be able to pay via Paypal and cover any fees; all prices are USD. Prioritizing those who can pay by 12pm EST Monday Sept 22, 2014. However, due to continued need (like $50 pain relief patches x.x), I will continue to accept until otherwise stated.

Thanks a million guys! ;__; Hopefully soon I won’t have to post pleas for commissions/money!

If you are deciding on what to order but wish to send money ahead of time to help me out, please alert me via the sent payment comment box who you are and what you are doing. Otherwise I will think it’s a donation. ;3;