Officially became a USC alumna this weekend! But graduation wouldn’t have been complete without some ABGT 💕

Fight on forever, ❤️💛✌️
- welcometogrouptherapy

| photography by Madie Nguyen |


This Guy Thinks He Birthed A Basketball

Moral of the story: wear protective gear on the court or you might get basketball-pregnant.

USC CollegeHumor Webisode Contest Winners - ScubaGuyz!!

USC 2015 Graduation! They look great in their outfits paid for by mommy/daddy. And, well, if you’re not stressing about paying back college tuition (mommy and daddy paid too), might as well look great! These four Chinese ladies are finally ready to look for a wealthy Asian guy to marry! Congrats!?🎉👏🏽

Three years of full time University has come to an end, Graduating with a Bachelor of Environmental Science! Over the past few years I have learnt so much about our environment, met some amazing people, and had some amazing experiences. It’s sad to leave a place which holds so many amazing memories, but it time to start the next chapter in my journey. For the first time in my life, I really don’t know whats going to happen next.