Can’t stop watching this Walshy’s goal!! Love her celebration and apparently she got a yellow card for it too LOL… have to go out in style!

The first half has been brilliant. Highlights:
  • Adrian calling Julie Foudy “Jules”
  • Walsh flopping like a literal fish on the ground the first time she had a chance on goal
  • Kelley O’Hara’s hair is in a ponytail (not a high bun) for what seems like the first time in forever
  • HAO with the assist to the Australian’s own-goal
  • The intense and amazing pace of this game. Australia playing for Sarah Walsh’s glory and the USA playing for Pia Sundhage’s glory.
  • Is Pia wearing a bra for once???
  • Solo coming off her line the next time the ball comes even close to her (after AUS scored the first time) and demolishing the ball
  • Walshy with her jersey over her head (and almost getting a yellow card for it) after her goal
  • Triple nutmeg to make it 2-2 for Baby Horse?
  • And the amazing goalie skills of Brianna Davey
Wonderfully played game. 2nd half highlights:
  • Walsh and Rapinoe playing on the same field together for the second time in a week
  • Morgan and Solo’s collective close-up bitch faces
  • Foudy saying about the back of the AUS jerseys, “They’re GPS trackers.. So no, we’re not in the Hunchback of Notre Dame..”
  • Extreme deflection off of Wambach from Morgan that just happened to miraculously float into the AUS goal
  • Sarah Walsh hugging every player on her team on the field then Rampone then Megan Rapinoe and then her entire team on the bench when she gets subbed off
  • Alex Morgan’s beautiful header off of Heather Mitt’s gorgeous cross
  • Boxxy with the header then running to Pinoe to let Pinoe jump on her
  • Morgan finally cracks a smile in the 71st minute
  • Fighting all the way to the end even though we were up 6-2
  • Winning for Pia
  • Pia breaking into tears on the field as her team surrounded her in their final goodbye

Great game, ladies. To Pia Sundhage, you will be greatly missed. I hope Sweden brings you as much joy as you have brought to us these past 5 years.

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Walsh set for swansong in Denver

Sarah Walsh (@swlashy9) to play her 71at & last match for @TheMatildas tomorrow.