I just talked to my brother about the US woman's soccer team

My family is soccer. soccer. soccer. It’s always on, I mean we pay extra money for television channels that are strictly soccer. I played for 8 years and my brother has been playing since he was 6. He made varsity during his freshman year of high school and now he’s going into his senior year as the varsity soccer team captain.

My brother is a phenomenal player and my dad has always been into our soccer, he played it in college himself.

Anyways, my brother doesn’t want to US woman’s soccer team to do good because he doesn’t like Hope Solo and I haven’t been watching the olympics. I think it’s annoying when people who generally don’t watch certain sports are into them only when it’s the olympics, but anyways I don’t generally watch woman’s soccer but of ofcourse I know Hope Solo and I asked him why he didn’t like her and he said she’s very arrogant.

I was just wondering what others thought. I know pretty much everyone on tumblr loves the woman’s soccer team, so I didn’t know if my brother was the only one who sensed arrogance from Hope Solo or what. I’m just curious to opinions haha.