anonymous said:

Can i buy ur team bathers???


I’m not totally sure what team bathers are, but I’m assuming you are referring to our Turbos. The pink one’s aren’t for sale, but the EPIC money green ones are, click —-> URTXteambalcksheep Turbos

The hard part about choosing which ones you want (besides awesome colors) is making sure they will stay on while you ride a wave. Well, I’m here to tell you we tested these in that last Wedge swell and they stayed on with no problem. They are just like you want your women, thick and tight (**DISCLAIMER: I don’t actually prefer my women that way **)


This is kind of what’s happening in your Turbo/Speedo when you catch a good wave.

Fireworks are going OFF and you’re in the middle of it dancing!

Breakdancing in the barrel. 

The water has been so warm lately, I think my white walls are gone. I honestly can’t remember the last time I have not been in a wetsuit for so long (save Hawaii of course). 

Anybody have a boat in Ventura harbor for this upcoming SW swell? Hit me up for reals,