The Popular Table, 26/20/2014

Hey guys, the podcast for the show I did this week is finally up, and it’s broken into three easily digestible segments. 

Part 1, in which we review the Maze Runner, and talk about the popularity of dystopian fiction, can be heard here:

Part 2, in which we discuss LGBTQ+ representation in comic books, and South Park, can be heard here:

And finally, part 3, British vs. American comedy, can be heard here:

We hope you enjoy!


Help find the #PhysSocSpaceBalloon

Our Physics Society launched a balloon into space recently but they’ve lost the signal and can’t collect it from where it fell back to earth. 

They think it went down near Oxfordshire and might still be emitting bursts of radio signal every 5 sec at 434.65Mhz. Tweet them @PhysSocNotts if you find it!  


When Bastille came to campus they didn’t expect to see a very long queue… Check out this tour video, you might be in it!


The Post-Apocalypse Lightbulb

"Picture this: the apocalpyse is happening, all the shops are closed, the sun is setting fairly quickly and the EU have banned lightbulbs. What are you going to do?"

Fear not, the URN Science Show boys demonstrate how to make a lightbulb out of household goods.


'The Boat Race' may mean Oxford v Cambridge on the River Thames to many people, but here it means URN1350 on the University Park lake. 

Watch the action from 2013 on YouTube. 


We love the guys from the URN1350 Science Show. In this video they show us how (and why) Marmite changes colour. Who knew?