So this is semi-rare, but today’s feature is actually through the suggestion of a friend~  He caught me in the doodling mood last night and suggested Ruby have him as a little alternative sushi since it was my dinner last night!

Now the reason I say this is rare is because I usually keep drawings involving friends between only them and myself, mostly since I don’t want people accusing me of playing favorites or anything; this is far from the case, trust me!

One more reason this is rare, however, is that this is probably one of the few instances where Ruby actually plays a proper predator haha!  Well… more in the sense that he gets himself a live meal and actually enjoys it~  No squeamishness, no indigestion, no full discomfort and the likes, just relaxing with a meal!  Kinda fun actually, but it’d probably be more common if the prey wasn’t live!

(one of the few times I’ve drawn a maw shot of sorts and a throat bulge, so it’s kinda iffy)

That awkward moment when you have to blacklist someone’s username because you honestly like them and don’t want to unfollow cos they post some cool stuff but they also reblog stuff that you find REALLY TRIGGERING but they don’t tag it as anything that xkit will recognise and blacklist arghargh god its a pretty common fandom on tumblr I should stop being so dumb about thisssssss also I feel too awkward to just up and say anything *failing at social stuff again*

weavercat replied to your post:weavercat replied to your post: Any of y’all got…

YEEEEES. Weyerbacher Pumpkin Ale is awesome! Ooo, I want to try that Watermelon one… but maybe mixed with something to even out the sweet.

It’s…..urgle, I’m still buzzed so I can’t think super straight. But it’s not *bad* at all really, so I’m not sure if it’s actually too sweet or not. I’m just a super snob who likes dark beer.

….edit after post: but weyerbacher. I…..why do I drink anything else….ever??