I drew the unholy symbol of Urghathoa from Pathfinder. It’s supposed to be a brooch or something made of carved bone and garnets.

I’m totally going to make a character at some point who accidentally joined a cult in the past. Like they showed up to a city broke and the cult offered them food and a place to stay.

D&D 30 Day Challenge Day 6

Favorite Deity

The Pallid Princess, Goddess of gluttony, disease, and undead.
Neutral Evil, favoured weapon is the scythe. 

Undead are the bomb, they really are. By far my favorite type of monster, but we’ll talk about undead more on day 15.
As a DM more often than a player for most of my career, I feel inclined to get to know the evil deities more so than the good ones. Urgathoa first caught my eye because of her undeath focus, I knew I wanted to use undead quite a fair amount, (unfortunately half my players don’t like undead.) I read up more about her and her cults, and she quickly became my favorite evil force in the world, even as I got to know the other deities, she remained a mainstay in my mind.

One of her other focuses were gluttony, to the extent of cannibalism at times, and physical excess including massive orgies, occasionally including undead. I found this delightfully morbid, and again, good bad guy material. Diseases, her last main focus, is insidious, and pretty destructive against you’re average NPC. 

She also looks fairly bad ass, and wonderfully morbid.
In conclusion, Urgathoa is best deity. 


Urgathoa, The Pallid Princess by DawnForgedCast