/// Vivere Militare Est #4 /// Photography [Various places - France - Between 2K8 & 2K11]

"Nous sommes engrenés dans une gigantesque machine à faire des morts et notre immense sacrifice individuel n’apportera aucun changement à rien : demain, d’autres recommenceront comme nous, ici et ailleurs"

Joseph Tézenas du Montcel

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/// Collapse & Rebirth #3 /// Photography [France - January 2K13]

Food is the ultimate commodity in our market-led economic system, and it has a great impact on global development and interdependence. From cultivation to consumption, food provides the chief link between humankind and the “natural” environment. Yet, technological advances in genetics, agri-business, and food processing have combined with changing patterns of diet and employment to challenge our perception of the “natural” and our position within a “natural” system. At this point of dislocation, global crisis and conscience over our use of the environment have sharpened the ideological force of “Nature.”

[David Goodman & Michael R. Redclift - “Refashioning Nature: Food, Ecology, and Culture”]

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/// Collapse & Rebirth #9 /// [France - June 2K13]

"Modern medicine is a negation of health. It isn’t organised to serve human health, but only to serve itself as an institution. It makes more people sick than it heals."

[Ivan Illich - “Medical Nemesis”].

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