Hey guys!

A while back I wrote a story about my explorations and since then you guys have been asking for more, so here’s last night’s.

Unlike last time, due to the location of this theatre, this expedition had to take place once the sun had set. This would provide good cover for us to sneak and overall just tranquility. There’s just something about nighttime that makes exploring an entirely different experience and to be honest, being relaxed comes in handy when doing an activity that could land you behind bars.

The crew this time around consisted of Brave (dude in the last photo of this set casting a shadow on the movie screen by using the good old flashlight) Depot (good homie of mine who was also mentioned in my previous exploration post) and myself.
Once we arrived at the location it was game time. We started by trying to find a way in and as usual, you gotta want it to get it. After trying a few doors and walking past a cop car positioned near a firefighter station (literally about 125 feet from the building we were trying to trespass into) we found the magic spot. Quite as shadows we snuck in and slowly closed the door shut behind us. It was dark now, pitch black, but we were in…and it was time for the exploration to begin.

First order of business was to go upstairs and check things out. It was dark everywhere but there so we figured it be a good place to start. Immediately after going upstairs we are greeted by an old computer and just rolls of film (second photo in this set), lots of them. It was clear to us then that not many people had been in there since it closed, and it personally felt good. No caving in roofs, no graffiti on walls, it was just a place that had been left behind and we were now there to keep it company.

Shortly after messing with the film and computer we walked down this creepy hallway (3rd photo in the set) and stumbled upon a locked office door. Brave shares our enthusiasm when it comes to “locked” things and in under a minute (after some improvising) the door was open and we were in the office. Seeing as the building had running power and a blasting AC unit we agree to turn on some lights (we regularly wouldn’t do this but his room was so well covered that we had no fear people outside would see the light) and what we saw was great. Posters, 3D glasses, Keys and everything else you could imagine finding in a movie theatre office was at our disposal. (4th & 5th photo on this set)

After the office room we left (leaving everything as we found it, lights off and doors locked) to explore the rest of the building. Not much time passed before yet again we came across awesome stuff! This time a room with all of the theaters equipment. Movies, projectors, expensive super cool gold looking 85mm lenses (6th photo in the set) and tons more. This room was by far my favorite of the night. Id be lying if I said we didn’t spend 5 minutes in there (5 minutes is a good amount of time when exploring. Remember we want to go in and out fast. We aren’t trying to have s picnic)

Lastly we wrapped up the exploring by going to the most exposed part of the theatre, the lobby (first photo in the set). This was the most dangerous part of the night because the lobby is near the front of the building being blocked only be the main doors (which are glass). So yeah, lights were off limit. Anybody outside could see us if we got stupid, thankfully, long exposure is a thing and so yey :)

We finished the night strong with pizza at a near by joint and once again, a successful exploration with the homies was complete. I’m not sure where we will go next but I have a pretty good idea ;)

After the Alternative Tour, we got a text message. It was couchsurfing hosts responding to our emergency request. We were staying in an empty hostel so we gladly accepted and went to their apartment.

That’s when the most amazing thing happened: we learned that they were graffiti artists! We even saw our host’s crew mural during the alternative tour! How amazing is that? We talked a bunch, they made us visit the city and invited us to explore Chimopar (an abandoned chemical industry) with them while they spray up the place.

I took a bunch of pictures and videos, coming soon :)