My EDC daypack - the Osprey Axis 18L

In order to maintain the 'grey man' advantage I don’t tend to opt for tactical/military looking gear.

I have however added a law66 velcro SERE pouch so I can attach a variety of Patches/markers/SOLAS etc.

Seen here with snakedr666's excellent ZERO DARK GITD marker, and a disruptive thinker patch. The pouch is simply folded over the bungee compression cord, and can be easily removed If required. 


New blade for the rotation.

It’s the ‘drop point Warthog’ from South African maker Willem O’Kelly (K’roo knives). The scales are brass twill over brass liners and pins, with a stainless pivot. The warthog has excellent deep gimping along the tang.  This one has a 3” cutting edge (of N690 Steel) and is legal carry here.

I have a thing about friction folders, our knife laws in the UK are very restrictive and prohibit the carry of locking blades without “good reason”

Non-locking slipjoints can be quite dangerous to the user, even if used correctly. I find friction folders with their extended tang provide a solid ‘lock-up’ when held in a closed fist, or with the thumb firmly pressing on the tang. 

It’s a looker too, the hand polished Warthog tusk bead is a nice addition from the maker. 


Been field testing my new Velcro backed Zero Dark Glow Tab from snakedr666 today, and I’m very impressed so far. I’ll be attaching it to my bag for increased visibility on my evening run. 

I have no idea what the material is, but boy does it cast a mean glow -
Only 9 of these were made and I feel privileged to have managed to get my hands on one.

Seen attached to a Mini SERE pouch from law66, with a Disruptive Thinker Morale Patch, and break-away lanyard from SnakeDr for neck carry. 

Tiny Inconspicuous Handcuff Key (TIHK)

My pack of TIHK handcuff keys just arrived, I have yet to try them out on cuffs but my first impressions are that this is a beautifully executed concept. 

Obviously living in the first world, and in an area with a very low crime rate (Compared to some parts of Europe I have lived in) the likelihood of 
unlawful detention is very slim. However it is still a possibility, and if SHTF a TIHK could prove a lifesaving tool.


Above: The TIHK compared to a Shomer-Tec ‘covert handcuff key’ -
Like the Covert key (my previous EDC key) the TIHK is non metallic, non reflective and made from a strong polymer plastic.
Unlike the Shomer-Tec key it can be concealed and deployed with greater ease thanks to the innovative integrated clip.

Below: an example of the TIHK clipped to a belt loop for simple deployment if hands are cuffed behind your back. Placing several keys on your person increases accessibility if unlawfully cuffed in various positions.


Lots of new ‘Zerodark' GITD kit from snakedrblog/Oscar delta~ 

Seen in the photo is a GITD credit card in the clear window of my Maxpedition micro wallet,

A whole bag full of markers and stickers waiting to be worked into my gear,

A Snap tag marker can be seen on the webbing of my EDC pouch, I don’t think this was on my order it’s always nice to get something unexpected (and free),

and finally of course the velcro backed GITD marker on my very handy law66 SERE pouch. I have a few other pieces of snakedrblog kit I am currently wearing in, so you’ll see more soon… I just can’t stop buying this guys stuff, he’s a real innovator. 

My Law66 Micro SERE Pouch arrived,

These things are tiny, but if equipped and secured properly they could well prove the determining factor in saving your life.

I will point out that due to the "Guilty until you prove yourself innocent" nature of some of our laws here in the UK, SERE/E&E kit is not something I EDC unless I am in a hostile environment or SHTF.
I’d only advocate escaping from unlawful restraint.