Positive morning. People tend to “live” life in fear, nvr wanting things (environment, friends, lifestyles, etc) to change. It’s scary to see people live in the past. Talking about the same issues with the same people, talking about the same “aspirations” but nvr making a move, overall living that “I should have” or that “One day” type of life. CHANGE MEANS GROWTH. Ask yourself, have you grown as a person? Have you let the past be the past? Have you lived? Are you living? Are you proud of yourself? Honestly. #urbanitgirl #growth #change #life #detrimental #sunflowerchild #honeysucklebaby #beyou #bebold #bepositive #blogger #designer #hopedealer #nyc #brooklyn #atl #la

More like “Cop vision glasses”. There has been an extreme number of deaths caused by police upon young black men. Black men they do not value you. It’s up to you to VALUE YOURSELVES‼️ STOP WORSHIPPING THESE NAME BRANDS, KILLING OVER MATERIAL, GANG SHIT, STOP SAYING “FUCK THE COPS” & try becoming the cops cuz they killing everybody‼️. Protect your ppl! Be apart of the change you want to see‼️ Gangs should be getting together and protecting the entire neighborhood, not fighting each other! GOOD KEEPING GIVING THEM WHAT THEY WANT‼️ MAKE THEIR JOB EASIER, THEY GONNA KILL YALL ANYWAY‼️ SORRY IF IM BEING BLUNT BUT ITS SICKENING! SERIOUSLY THINGS HAVE GOT TO CHANGE!!! BUT YOU HAVE TO START WITH YOURSELF FIRST‼️ Praying for everyone.😞. #urbanitgirl #stop #violence #policebrutality #purge #prayers #prayforferguson #ripmikebrown #blogger #designer #hopedealer #realist #nyc #brooklyn #atl #la


Zelda Wynn Valdes! The African American fashion designer who created the Playboy Bunny Outfit! The first African American to own a store on the coveted streets. President of the National Association of Fashion and Accessory Design, which was founded by Mary McLeod Bethune. Zelda was best known for her skill in highlighting the female body.


Check out Kendrick Lamar’s new single entitled ‘Beyoncé’. It’s about Kendrick´s obsession with Beyonce. He knows there´s a huge gap between them money-wise and he knows that she has husband named Jay-Z (the song was recorded before the marriage) but he still thinks she´s the one for him and he´s the one for her. He even comes up with a scheme to break Jay & Beyoncé up! It?! Or Hit?! http://youtu.be/Pd31_qQSG4M

My people we have to stop fighting, hating, shaming one another! We are the majority who were taught to feel like the minority! Open your eyes! This system was not designed for us! We have to stand firm as one! We are stronger and more powerful than some of us may know. This is why they are always on a rampage to wipe is out! Yes we have suffered a great deal, but we are still here! Still successful, still beautiful, still BLACK! Do positive things with your life while you can! Help your brother across the street instead of fighting him for being on the opposite side. A white cop is going to come and try kill both of you anyway! This picture speaks volumes. I’m done. #urbanitgirl #mikebrown


Thank you Diane Nash. Leader and strategist of the student wing in the Civil Rights Movement and being an active member of the Freedom Riders. Also she helped found the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC), and the Selma Voting Rights Committee campaign, that helped blacks in the South get to vote and also have political power! Did you know?!


Some cool DIY holiday treats! Very simple and fun way to get the kids and family together!
1. Powered donut snowmen
2.Grinch inspired fruit. Includes: grapes, banana slices, strawberries, and marshmallows.
3. Reindeer cupcakes
4. Christmas tree sugar cookies.