I need a new photographer • I made the decision to only wear abayas about 4 years ago. Being a plus sized muslimah it fit me well, hiding things that needed to stay hidden 😉. Wearing an abaya is a way to be the most modest. I especially like to wear them to the masjid. Since I am working at the masjid this week this abaya is great for all the moving of tables, chairs and serving the believers. For #theabayachallenge tap the photo for deeds. #cuteandcovered #fashionablymodest #urbanhijab #pearldaisyltd

Ya Allaahumma! Return these children to their families. Grant these girls and their families Your Love, Mercy, and Protection. Ya Allaahumma! Deal justly with those who have brought grief to them and those who love them. Ameen. Ya Allaahumma! Ameen.

Urban Hijab®: An American Dream

Urban Hijab®: An American Dream

Urban Hijab® is an amalgamation of what it means to be Muslim and American.  I immigrated to the USA at a young age and was raised in a conservative Roman Catholic family.  One of the many benefits of growing up in New York City is the multi-cultural environment found therein.  Accepting Islam brought a new dimension to my personal growth.  Traveling to other regions of the world has given me a…

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