Day 21 of freeyogis is trust and I have had such a journey learning to trust the wall (which is weird cause it’s always there :) i guess it’s about trusting myself more to use the wall appropriately and use it as the stepping stone it is supposed to be!! bexmaddy yogarian sunny-yogi healthyhappymotivation yogawithkarel

Day 22 #balancebasics - Sarvangasana, the queen of poses.. Today I read that shoulderstands stimulate the throatchakra, Visuddah: “When Visuddah is blocked, we find the quiet types who silently hold onto feelings of hurt, pain or anger. The shy ones clench their jaws and build tension and toxicity in their necks and shoulders as they swallow their words.” 👀 I kind of dislike the queen of poses, but I understand why I need to do this more… @laurasykora @kinoyoga @beachyogagirl @athleta #yoga #sarvangasana #shoulderstand #asana #yogachallenge #visuddah #yogis #candlepose #throatchakra #yogaeveryblessedday #yogaeverywhere #urbanyoga #yogapose #feeltheyogahigh #practiceeveryday by valeggua

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Of only I had posed for this pic in a 70’s denim outfit, then I could attribute some “Tiny Dancer” lyrics. Sigh. Hopefully though it’s inspiring you to do some yoga later today with me at Sangha Yoga Shala. There could be some dancer poses in your future…2pm - Core Vinyasa
7:30pm - Vinyasa
📷 by Armando Zubieta.

Savasana for a tag •Sleepytime• not because I’m sleeping in it😹 but because for the last year I can’t get up in the morning without couple of minutes of it to be focused on the day
Шавасана для тега •Время сонь• не потому что я в ней сплю😹 а потому что в течение последнего года я не могу утром полноценно проснуться без пары минут в ней, чтобы сосредоточиться на сегодняшнем дне

Has running around in heels for the past 7 days b/c of NYFW made you feel run down and off center? Then hustle yourself over to one of my Thursday yoga classes listed below. We’ll realign and revitalize so that you can go into the weekend feeling your best. See you soon!
6:30am - @sanghayogashala
9am - @karenlordpilates
6:30pm - @sanghayogashala
📷 by @armandoz

Day 14 •Flowga• in the subway today.. Reverse triangle pose.. Always a good idea for a flow
День 14 •Поток• в метро сегодня.. Скручивание в позе треугольника.. Всегда отличная идея для потока

Day 8 of Freeyogis and the tag is •Stability• warrior 1 is the best example
Strong and stable, father for a lot of asanas in a sequince.. You can go to a closed hips sequince or open you hips to a warrior 2 and go on with an opening, but do not go back:) it is unpleasant try)
Для 8 дня под тегом •Стабильность• я выбрала позу воина 1, так как это лучший пример… Сильный и стабильный, отец для многих асан в цикле потока.. Вы можете продолжить свой поток позами с закрытием бедер или же можете с легкостью перейти во второго воина и работать уже с раскрытием тазобедренных) но не стоит идти противоположные путем, это даже больно))