re-use of salad/lettuce hearts :)

  1. first cut it out from the leaves

  2. then cut a little from the edge but not too much

  3. then cut it into a cube-similar - cut as less leaves and material away as possible but leaves do get moldy and then the whole heart will get moldy too and die

  4. put it in wet soil so that just the tip looks out

  5. put on a plastic cup or something similar to get a high humidity around the sprouting meristem - don’t forget to give it fresh air here and there like every 2-3 days

  6. put the pot to a warm location and wait

  7. after a few days - 2 weeks the new plant will sprout

enjoy your new growing salad plants :)
I’ve tried it and it works with iceberg salad, romaine lettuce, butterhead, lollo rosso salad actually with every lettuce/salad with a heart

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I was just thinking about this as I planted my herbs!!!