Future exploration of the outer solar system

Exploration of the giant planets of our solar system over the past few decades has revealed four unique, complex and dynamic worlds. Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus and Neptune have deep fluid interiors, gaseous atmospheres and extended magnetospheres, which serve as natural planetary-scale laboratories for the fundamental physical and chemical processes at work throughout our galaxy.

Shrinking the planetary radii to occupy the same scale allows scientists to compare the planetary ring and satellite systems for the four giant planets.

Their bulk compositions and internal structures provide signatures of the conditions within our solar nebula during the epoch of planet formation. Each harbours a complex system of planetary rings and a diverse collection of satellite environments, some with deep hidden oceans that may be of astrobiological importance. And although our understanding of these systems remains in its infancy, the four giants serve as templates for the interpretation of exoplanetary systems being discovered throughout our galaxy. The scope for new discoveries in this vast region beyond Mars is enormous, and there is no shortage of exciting mission concepts.

Credit: Leigh Fletcher

The crystallization of human experience was shattered by the discovery of Uranus, which coincided with doomsday prophecies and volatile unrest amongst the astrological community. Uranus is the father of the Cyclops, the Titans who have the third eye, the single eye, the human pineal gland. The unique tilt of Uranus allows the planet’s inner sun to receive the Sun’s power most directly through it’s polar opening creating a force as powerful as the Sun. Uranus is the planet of raised awareness and the channel of Christ consciousness. The ‘all seeing eye’ of the solar system experiences frequent diamond showers that make for a blue ray of powerful esoteric frequencies. Buddha, Krishna and Christ await beyond the rings of Saturn and electrify the ignorance and fear of Saturn (human reflex) with Uranus revelation, collectiveness, oneness and creative potency.
This is a heavenly package from the higher realms which allows us to supersede our constraints or limitations through awakening, bursts of innovative intuition, overturning established order and magic.  The Uranus ruled age allows for ultra violet visual filters, frequent ‘ah ha’ moments and the outer illustration of hidden unconscious insights. The high voltage planet stimulates electrical currents through the nadis in the etheric body offers opportunity for transformation. There is no more important time in history to be active in meditation then now. Raise the energy to the single eye and flow in a cosmic harmony with this new energy coming down from the inflamed eye on fire, the cosmic Kundalini.