UralNature: natural jewelry from the heart of the Ural Mountains

UralNature: natural jewelry from the heart of the Ural Mountains

Não é segredo nenhum que a Etsy tem das lojas mais bonitas e originais que se podem encontrar pela internet. Às vezes perco-me neste pequeno grande mundo de coisas que parecem saídas dos meus melhores sonhos. É o caso da UralNature, que descobri nesta passada sexta-feira.

It’s no secret that some of the most beautiful and original online stores can be found on Etsy. Sometimes I lose myself in…

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anonymous said:

Hi! Your necklace is so beautiful ** where can I buy or only see it? :)

Hello! I assume you’re talking about this necklace. 

It’s not mine! I just posted it, with reference to the shop in the caption. It’s from and Etsy story named UralNature (click for the shop). Unfortunately, it ran out shortly after the post gained attention. However, you can view the listing for that necklace here

However, I highly recommend going through the rest of their shop. All of their items are lovely. I bought the dandelion orb, and wear it constantly. I’ll dare to say it’s more beautiful in person!

Hope that answers your question!