Day Seven:
Curvy drills, singular and short words.

Observations (accidentally turning into ruminations):
Well, for once, these don’t look as ugly as they felt.  The bobble bugged me a bit, so I slowed down and tried to keep my hand loose.  In addition, making a point to end each mark on an upstroke helps with the overall rhythm of the drilling.  Rhythm, in turn, helps with physical and mental relaxation.  My mind doesn’t get tripped up with frustration, and my hand doesn’t get tense, and thus extra clumsy. 

Filling up a page with singles works well for the drilling bit, but the marks themselves are much easier to make—and keep uniform—when put in the context of a word.  Cursive always does feel a bit awkward for single-letter things, as its method of linking lends itself to bodies of writing.  For me, making each word a single mark, however excessively loopy, lets me go on without committing too much attention to the act of assembling the word. 

Cursive acronyms, however, look and feel silly.  Capitals, which I will not start for a bit, are created as openers.  Many start near the top of the line, descending down to the baseline.  This is like a song opening with a ridiculous flourish; grabbing your attention and leading you into the more repetitive melody.  Some of these letters don’t even bother to connect to the rest of the word.  So, when you put a bunch of next to one another, they resemble an unlikely, and ultimately ineffectual, combination of characters creating the fodder cast of a horror movie.  None of them get along, most of them bicker, and they’re only seen together because, in the face of a chainsaw, they really don’t have a choice. 

Cursive thrives on flow and consistency.  Acronyms are the slasher film accidentally inserted into a romantic comedy marathon.  For this reason, numerals also bug me.  Those don’t even get the flowery music justification.  I suppose they don’t feature heavily enough in letter writing to have needed a secondary link-friendly development.  (Hrum, research needed here)

This rant brought to you by fleeting memories of note taking in science and mathematics. 

Mastering the Upstroke

Here is a lesson I designed to help guitarists lock down the timing and feel of those pesky upstrokes. A lot of time guitarists have the downstrokes locked, but the upstrokes are slightly weaker. 

To really master feel one must be equally strong at both down and upstrokes. These exercises will challenge both your right and left hand as well as your concentration. 


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► Click Click & Upstroke - Everything (Sleight of Hands Remix)

#DeepHouse / Smoke N’ Mirrors / Release: 11.03.2014

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Click | Click & Upstroke - Everything

Smoke N’ Mirrors is hot and keyed up to share with you our latest release—a bass- laced international collab between Berlin whiz-kid Click | Click and Russian beat-ace Upstroke.

"Everything" is a to-the-point 4x4 creation meant to properly ignite a dance floor. Groovy, steady percussion and catchy female lyrics break even the most hesitant of dancers. Throw in a hard-hitting bassline, and you’ve got yourself a party positively shaken to the core.

Video by Lars Rachel.

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The Impalers - Demo 2010

Hey Guys Here Is My New Remix For http://soundcloud.com/upstrokemusic this will be released on Funkpony Records With Remixes from the http://soundcloud.com/theecoolcats , http://soundcloud.com/fapplesmusic

Check Original Here : http://soundcloud.com/upstrokemusic/upstroke-rafael-cerato-g-p-funkpony


Thanks You All!


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Learning to write with fountain and, even more, dip pens, I’m remembering all sorts of writing lessons when I was in elementary school

So much advice that didn’t make sense and make writing harder, dammit. Repeated over and over, but most consistently enforced by the older teachers nearing retirement. 

And suddenly with a flexible-nibbed dip pen it all makes sense. The grip they taught that made pressing down hard enough to make a clear mark with a pencil or ballpoint pen so difficult and tiring? Perfect for floating the point of the pen lightly over the paper- the best way to get a consistent angle, really.  Turning the paper at an angle instead of just freaking writing your cursive slanty? Suddenly I’m making hairline-thin upstrokes and luciously thick downstrokes and it looks awesome.  They were teaching me techniques meant for tools that they never even gave me. 

(Pictures to come, by the way.  Apparently ink- both fine linework and using washes- agrees with me in a way that pencil never did, as far as monochrome art goes.)

paint with blades

living canvas breathes in technicolor
bold cadence muffled in the upstroke
keen conception discovered
otherness rendered lovely and cold
played out through the eclipsed undertow
carried and trailing on serpentine influx
cascading and lost in the fine liquid folds
cursing the peaks from cusp to cusp
feeding the stir, the instrument sings
gashing through the thrashing storm
bloodletting to warrant each heavy sting
forever cutting the figure into finer form

morbid-daydream said:

B, C, and F please?


Reel Big Fish. I met them as a kid and they’re always there with their skanky upstrokes and amaze-butts songs.


Well, this is obvious, Markiplier. He’s such an amazing guy and he does so much for everyone else, and he is just wonderful. I’d love to meet him one day.


The Nightmare Before Christmas and Batman 89. They’re too good to choose between.

breakforthlikedawn said:

I love love love your handwritten typography. I want to get better at it myself. Any tips? Also, do you sell prints?

Thank you so much!
As far as tips go: I’d say practice! Getting better at lettering is all about teaching your hand what you need it to do. My lines are getting steadier, smoother, straighter all the time. they’re way better than when I started and still not quite where I want them to be. It simply takes time to develop.
I’ll also add this practical tip:
When weighting your letters,
thin on the upstroke,
thick on the downstroke.
it took me forever to realize this! It’s the reason capitol A’s are heavier on the right side! crazy!

Lastly, I don’t have any prints available right now, but I plan to launch a website in January! And prints of some of my pieces will be available on there! So look out for that!

Thanks again for the questions and for letting me know that you enjoy my work! It means alot!

doritofu replied to your photoset “So my friend and I opened our locker to an unpleasant surprise today…”

rip in pieces

you don’t even know the half of it. holy shit. 

we spent two days trying to pry the flywheel off the engine with a clamp and puller only to have it fall off in my hands when i just gently pulled it off. then we found out why we couldn’t get our engine to turn a full revolution, because when we took the top end off there was about a centimeter’s worth of carbon residue calcified onto the top of the cylinder so the piston was physically blocked from completing the upstroke to make a full revolution.

now the engine is just sitting in the locker slowly drizzling old oil out from a single bolt cavity in the actual engine casing itself, basically the back of the block.

thing’s a bitch. but at least it made our power tech teacher laugh.

anonymous said:

HS- Your hand is in your panties now, rubbing your clit desperately, trying to get off. "i wish i could touch u right now y/n. i bet u look so pretty" he texts. he's breathing hard as he strokes his cock, rubbing his thumb over the head. "baby im so close" you text him, rubbing your clit hard

He groans as he reads that, increasing the speed of his strokes, thumbing the head on every upstroke. ‘me too, i want you to cum for me, baby you look so pretty when you cum’


I felt Zoom fingering me, in ways that He knows will drive me crazy. He plunged into me, to the hilt, in one swift motion. I sucked our guests cock, my mouth so filled with the unfamiliar that I could only breath on the upstroke, and felt my husband riding deeply in me, familiar, lovingly, setting our timing bring it to a slower, smoother ride for everyone. My clit was throbbing under our guests previously frenzied licking. He also slowed, exploring, savoring. the wave of passion slowly filled each of us, The individuals moans throbs, and grinds spurring on the others. Zoom pushed me down, crushing me into this stranger. It was heady. The room smelled of sex. I wanted to feel both of them cum in me, on me. I came explosively, oblivious to anything but the pulsing sexuality of the moment.

im so fucking pumped. my professor ok’d the project i wanna do for my audio recording class. I’m gonna be doing a ska version of “You Can’t Always Get What You Want” by the Rolling Stones. Upstrokes, horns, offbeats, horns, reggae bass, horns, crazy drumming, harmonies, a Capella, harmonies, and of course more and more horns.  If i can pull this off, it’s going to be the most epic recording ever produced. The arrangement is a bitch, getting a band together is a bitch, teaching it is a bitch, recording it is gonna be ridiculous, and mixing is going to make me want to kill someone. But when it’s done I’m gonna be so fucking stoked.