Can we just...

I want to talk about this shot right here;


I’m about 90% confident the previous shot of Hook looking through a telescope is NOT connected to this scene, but I’ll gladly admit my wrongs if it’s needed next week.

However, I was thinking, what if this shot right here, is the happy ending of the episode? We’re clearly going to find out what happened to TJR, and how there was simply no way in hell that he couldn’t go back to being pirate!Hook because of his love for Emma.

So picture a sad Hook, probably after his confrontation with Zelena and reflecting on his loss of the only home he probably ever had, and he hesitates outside Granny’s diner.

Then he sees Emma, and she meets his gaze, and just gives a tiny nod as if to say “you belong here” and Hook walks in, surrounded by the Charmings, Regina making sassy comments, and the woman he loves, and knows that he is finally accepted into the family, as a friend, partner, and more. And Emma laughs at something inaudible, probably at just how truly ridiculous her life is - goddamn pirates and witches and fairy-tales - and we just see a last, closing shot of the pair finally allowing themselves a true moment.


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"it wasnt me it was iris that told him!"

shhhuuuuuuuuttt theeeee fuuuuucccckkkkk upppppppp

you violated zumis trust and told ivan things he didnt need to know about i dont care if you was you or iris if your ~alter~ is going to do things like that how do u ever expect anyone to trust you. 

Dear man with the leaf blower

THE WHOLE NEIGHBORHOOD HATES YOU NOW. ITS 9:08 and this has been going on for 30 min. SHUT UPPPPPPPP