I had this horrible thought of “what if korra died”
But then I was kinda stopped with, no, they would never kill off our
main character. BUT what if something happened to korra, that would leave her in a state of coma….hmmm? or something really close to death where you would no longer be able to contact her.
And mako would blame himself and be completely broken down and regretting all the fights they had aaaaaaah I wanna see that so bad.

florabela asked:

Qual é o seu livro preferido?

r: tem vários que eu amo, não dar pra dizer só um

n: 10

dica: teu contéudo é bonzão, esse thm tá legal, tua url é dahr só mudaria o banner e a dash.

não mandem mais, valeu flw. /uppload aqui