I had this horrible thought of “what if korra died”
But then I was kinda stopped with, no, they would never kill off our
main character. BUT what if something happened to korra, that would leave her in a state of coma….hmmm? or something really close to death where you would no longer be able to contact her.
And mako would blame himself and be completely broken down and regretting all the fights they had aaaaaaah I wanna see that so bad.

New story!!!

Hi guys. I decidet to finally make a new long scenario with chapters. The main character is a girl called Emily, that has a hard life, and can see thing that other can’t. Basiclly it will be a fantasy story with exo as wherewolfs, and Kris and Kai as the two of three main characters. I allerady upploaded the first chapter on my new blog, and I would love to if you guys could tell me if you want me to make a story, beacuse if no one wants to read it, then I don’t see the point of making it. I will altso upploade the story on tumblr after I wrote a few more chapters. So if you want to read a fantasy storry about wherewolfs and “forbidden” love then you coment under my first post or send me a messange in my ask box. Here is the link to my blog: http://paulinakinga.blog.com/

How do I send people pictures of things I know they like?

A question from a follower who is just starting a blog.

hi, meagain, uhm i just saw that you had find some owl, and wished miss harper to see them, i find some nice owls as well and would like to show miss harper. witch way is the best? should i just uppload them on my tumbler, and then go to miss harper and tell her to come and look at my page, thanks alot for you help in advance. hugs

Sweetheart, missharpersworld​ is one of the nicest people I know on Tumblr and she does absolutely adore owls. 

I think right now, you are not sure if you are really going to have a blog - and that’s okay. It’s okay if you never really have one. There are lots of people on Tumblr because they like to follow other people, read what they have to say and enjoy their posts - but don’t have the time or the desire to create a blog of their own.  There is nothing wrong with that.  You can still interact with people on here, even if you choose not to post things to your blog (as you know).

To send Miss Harper pictures of owls:

1)  You can post them on your blog and then send her a fan mail with the links. You can’t put links into an Ask, but you can put them into fanmail

2) If you post them on your blog, you can also tag her. To tag her, you type in the @ symbol and then start to type the rest of her blog name until you see her whole blog name coming up in grey, hit enter and the whole blog name will be there properly. This usually only works if you are following her.

3) You can decide not to re-blog them, but go to the blog of the person who has posted them, get the link for the post and send Harper a fanmail with the link or links

4) If they are pictures from other sources besides Tumblr, you can submit the photos to her on her blog.

Hugs!  And I know Harper will send you hugs too if you send her owls.

Now the advice I gave was obviously specific to sending owls to Miss Harper, but at the same time, obviously the same thing works for sending things to other people - such as sending me posts of kitties. If you’re new and trying to figure out how to do things here, ask!