So… uh… Ragan Smith has a Patterson

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Sometimes you have to think behind the box. This medicine cabinet became more efficient after it was affixed with a sheet of precut galvanized steel to its interior with construction adhesive. Magnetic hooks now hold scissors and a mirror, and small plastic cups with magnetic bottoms corral small necessities, such as rubber bands and hair clips. More.


Ellie Black’s gym and some MAG/WAG upgrades!

Ellie Black:
2.5-double pike (1:08)
fhs-PODKOPAYEVA!!!! (2:05)
UB (Shaposhnikovas) (8:10+)

MAG shows more of the progression so it’s a nice reminder how hard things are sometimes. There are also just some funny pommels/pbar bloopers.

12 ways you can improve your home…

Add outlets to drawers to keep clutter off of the table top.


Use recessed outlets so you can put your furniture against the wall.


Build drawers in the wasted space between studs in the wall.


Install dutch doors so you can watch your kids/pets without baby gates.


Make the space your fake drawers take up functional.


Add a shelf to a long hallway for extra storage space.


If your garage is adjacent to your kitchen, add a little door to make unloading groceries easier.


Hide away appliances behind sliding doors.


Instead of bunk beds, install classy murphy beds for your kids.


Add a sun tunnel to rooms you wish had more natural sunlight.


Use stainless steel contact paper to make your appliances look more expensive.


Buy a toilet seat where everyone can have their own tab.



The Upgrades - You Should Know


"Can you explain to me why several witnesses put you people at a restaurant in town last night?"

My first gifset and my first gifs with words, so it’s nothing pretty. Just trying to learn my way around the program. :)


If you’re not at least a little bit interested in making this rustic, $10 towel rack you’re a crazy person. VIA Shanty2Chic

This is a super easy build!  It’s also a great starter Kreg Jig project for those of you on the fence or those that have yours still sitting in the box…

Let’s get started!

Supply List for 2 Towel Holders

1 x 10 x 4 board

1 x 6 x 4 board

1 x 2 x 4 board


Metal Hooks

See all the steps at -ts