Okay then, This week we’ve gone through some changes but firstly I just want to apologise for not uploading or giving an update last week.

Basically, we’ve lost our Friday, Lucy, due to reasons and we’ve also lost our sub Daisy, which none of you had the privelege of meeting yet, until July.

Although we’ve lost Lucy, we’ve found a replacement, Ashley, which I hope you will all warmly welcome.

As you can probably see, the channel isn’t being much of a channel at the moment at the moment because there are very few videos coming out each week (roughly around 3), which obviously isn’t great.

Exams and busy lives take part in this for half the channel, almost all of us are going through the process of exams and revision and work are having to be put into that but i’m still not making excuses for our lack of uploading.

I’ve been trying to speak to the channel about it, but not much is being done which is the ultimate downfall. The others all have some sort of social life, which they should do, whereas I do not because i’m boring and like a 80 year old man who stays home all the time besides school.

Either way, we’ll try our best with uploading, our sub is busy sometimes so she can’t upload for someone else but if you’re interested in becoming one, then just drop anyone in the channel an ask or just message us directly on this blog or the youtube channel if you’re up for becoming a sub.

Again, I apologise for the lack of videos being uploaded and I shall post an update on what’s going on next week for you all.

Thanks for understanding guys,

Rosalie, Sunday.

Sorry for being inactive. I’ve just shifted houses and there isn’t Internet yet ^^”. I will follow new people asap. On a side note, happy tumblring! :B