I’m excited to announce that I’m writing a book about Spelunky for Boss Fight Books! Boss Fight Books is the publisher of books about video games, and they’ve released six so far: Earthbound, Chrono Trigger, ZZT, Galaga, Super Mario Bros. 2, and Jagged Alliance. Each one is written by a different author and focuses on a single game, examining the subject from both a personal and historical perspective.

Spelunky will be a part of Season Two, which is being Kickstarted right now. The other books in Season Two are Metal Gear SolidBaldur’s Gate IIBible AdventuresWorld of Warcraft, and a mystery game to be voted upon by fans. Needless to say, I’m really happy that Spelunky and I are featured alongside games and writers of this caliber!

Spelunky will actually be the first Boss Fight book to be written by one of the developers. I’m going to be using the development of the game as a vehicle to discuss related topics, like roguelikes, randomization, and designing challenging games, to name a few. My hope is that the book will appeal to fans of Spelunky who are interested in its history and the choices behind it, as well as game developers, current and aspiring, who may be able to get something useful from how I’m currently thinking about video games and video game design.

Finally, if you haven’t read Season One of Boss Fight Books, I highly recommend checking it out! Not only is it a very fresh and unique take on video game writing by a cadre of talented writers, but the physical books are really cute and fun to have around and look at. I can’t wait to see Spelunky on the shelf next to the rest of them!


Eliza Taylor teases what’s coming up for Clarke in Season 2


Pretty Little Liars 5x13 ‘How the -A Stole Christmas’ new sneak peek

Life updates

It’s been a while since I’ve been on tumblr :( I’m not even sure I really remember how to be a blogger womp womp womp. But here are a couple life updates for anyone who’s curious.


That’s me now that I’ve shaved my head! I feel so much freer and more like myself. My dad and I got into a huuuuge ass fight about me “losing all my value by shaving my head” but if that’s the kind of hetero-patriarchal value I had, good fucking riddance.

I also have a jobbbbbb. I love it, and I am slowly but surely becoming a real Rhode Islander, complete with the rainy day grumpiness. Well… I always kinda had that.

And I live in a house with a lovely roommate and our total of three cats and a bunny. I kinda wanna get another cat. I’m not sure it gets any gayer than that

Um that’s it, thanks for reading and boosting my ego a bit haha. If you did read all of that mumbo-jumbo, tell me about yourselffff! Wheee

Drop Dead Vince Will Update Again in December! (And More News)


Hey cats and kittens! It’s been a long time, we hope that you’re having a nice October and having a ball getting ready for the Halloween season.

Unfortunately we have some not-neccessarily-bad-but-not-great news: Drop Dead Vince will be on an official hiatus until December.

The creator has had a lot on her plate this year and has recently gotten a job that has eaten up a lot of her physical and mental energy, and she’s been in a pretty terrible funk that’s made art and comic making difficult to do. As much as she loves our favorite undead teenagers she will be taking a bit of a vacation to get some mental R&R, which is what she definitely needs at the moment.

But don’t feel too blue! We’ll be definitely seeing Vince and Betty again in the future, and in the meantime you can continue supporting the webcomic by:

  • Purchase the first chapter of Drop Dead Vince on gumroad as a digital comic you can read on your phone or tablet for $5! It includes a guest art gallery, notes from the creator and an exclusive comic never before seen online!
  • Purchase stickers, glow-in-the-dark pins, art prints, and more on the Drop Dead Shop on storenvy!
  • Tell your friends and everyone you know about Drop Dead Vince!

Thank you everyone for all of your support and for your patience. We’ll see you in December, and have a Happy Halloween!

UFC Tonight Updates

-Rousey vs Zingano set for Jan 3rd as the co-main under Jones vs Cormier.

-Cain expected to be back in a few months.

-Yoel Romero wants a top 5 opponent in Jan or early Feb. Jacare v Romero was discussed by both parties and the UFC.

-Cerrone vs Myles Jury is a done deal for Jan, just not sure which card. Apparently the UFC is doing a Jan 18th card, not to mention a potential Fox show on Jan 24th.


Pretty Little Liars - 5x13 ‘How the -A Stole Christmas’ official promo 


BaiduPreciousTaoBar has uploaded a download link to their English sub of LOTJ!

update: They are currently finding a way to upload the full video without having to cut footage. If you know of any places they could try let them know!


Hi Everyone!

I’m getting much closer to my first goal and the end of the month is getting nearer! I took some time last night to update my patreon page a bit, adding two new reward tiers and updating the picture on the front page.

So far, I’ve uploaded two music samples for you to download and listen to, and yesterday I uploaded a Halloween themed wallpaper. At the end of the month I’ll be uploading another wallpaper pack (16:9 & 4:3, 4 sizes each).

Any donation I receive helps me out so much. I mentioned previously that in September I had to get surgery, and while I’m doing much better now, I’m lacking some personal funds needed to pay my bills. This month alone I’ve been averaging over 100+ hours a week on DFU’s development, and knowing you’re all supporting me (donating, spreading the word, sending me kind messages, etc.) really motivates me to work so hard for all of you.

I’ve already received some incredibly nice messages and donations from people, and it means the world to me. If you wanted to help me out, you can donate to my patreon and help me reach my monthly goal, or make a one time donation via Gumroad or PayPal.  

Thank you all so much for being there for me. I hope you are all having a great month so far!

[NEW INTERVIEW] Bill Kaulitz: "The balance was missing" [21.20.2014]


[NEW INTERVIEW - ENG & Spanish] Bill Kaulitz: “The balance was missing” [21.20.2014]

English by Tokio Hotel Info


Four years ago the twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz moved to Los Angeles and enjoyed life out of the spotlight. Now they are back with a new album. In the Interview with “spot on news” Bill Kaulitz and Gustav Schäfer talk about the hiatus and and why their comeback actually isn’t a real comeback.

The ex-teenie-band has just released their new album “Kings of Suburbia”. Before that the four boys had been disappeared from the screen for four years. The twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (25) ended up in Los Angeles. Also Gustav Schäfer (26) and Georg Listing (27) caught up on a lot of things in that time. But the new record is a success again. At the beginning of the sale the album was on #1 in various countries.

It must be a good feeling to know that the fanbase still exists…

Kaulitz: That’s so cool! It has always been incredible. In the four years we still won awards from time to time. Our fans were always voting for us. Even in that time when we didn’t do anything actually. The support of our fans is incredible and not taken for granted. Before our break we’ve been told: You can’t do that, it’s “career-suicide”. But we accepted it. We didn’t want to make an album we don’t like or which is only half as amazing. But we just personally needed the time. And at the end of the day it wasn’t career suicide.

Why did you move to Los Angeles with Tom in 2010?

Kaulitz: At the end we didn’t have fun here anymore. We couldn’t build up a private life apart from our career. The balance was missing. After our house had been broken in, we told ourselves: We won’t look for a new house here again and build a prison for ourselves, in which you can’t look into. Within four weeks we planned, packed our bags and just left.

Which things couldn’t you do in Germany anymore?

Kaulitz: Actually anything. It already starts with ordering a pizza. Or in the hotel, we checked in with cover names. We can’t stay at a place here for too long. We always had security people with us. There were always 20 people following us in the car and 50 stood in front of our house. Then your private life takes place inside of your own four walls behind a gate and a fence. You don’t get anything of life or the world anymore.

How was it in LA?

Kaulitz: It was totally different. In the morning I asked myself: What will I do today? Am I going to the restaurant or go grab a coffee? Just the normal things, for example to plan the day on your own. If I wanted to go out with my dog now, it would have to be organized first. When you’re on tour it’s okay, but you just don’t want that in your private life. You need the balance and we found it in LA.

There you could live like normal 20-year-olds…

Kaulitz: Absolutely, we partied in night clubs, and sometimes we were pissed like a rat. Just like others in our age do it as well, just without it being written in the newspapers the next day. We didn’t want private stories anymore. The music wasn’t in the foreground. It was way more interesting what we say or do, where we live, what we wear and who we sleep with. In the four years we didn’t do any interviews, to bring in a bit of calmness again.

What did you not like about LA?

Kaulitz: For example that every club closes at 2am. At 1.45am you get your last drink and at exactly 2am in every club and bar the lights go on. So you have to already start drinking in the afternoon. I won’t ever get used to that! It’s annoying me so much that I even almost would rather like to move to New York by now. Furthermore we miss the german bread, plum cake and driving fast on the Autobahn.

Gustav, what did Georg and you do in that time?

Schäfer: Georg as well as I traveled to cities we have actually already been to for a hundred times, but where we didn’t see anything apart from the airport and the hotel. Just like me Georg was also in Paris for the first time. There we went with the metro for the first time.

For the first time at all?

Schäfer: Yes, for the first time in my life. In Paris. We have also been on the Eiffel Tower, the whole tourist-thing with lining up and so on. That was fun!

Did you get recognized?

Schäfer: No, not at all. That was a good feeling.

So, also a break for you two…

Schäfer: Yes, we also caught up on the missing time with our families. For example just having lunch at Sunday noon. Of course we also didn’t leave out partying.

Why now the comeback?

Kaulitz: For us it doesn’t feel like a comeback. Until the end of 2011 we still were on tour in South America, Japan and Russia. Then we took a break for 1 1/2 years. It didn’t feel like it was that long. Then we started to make music in the studio again. We didn’t put our feet up for four years straight. Back then it used to be normal that bands didn’t release a new album for four years. And we never split up. It was clear that we would make another album one day. Only the point of time wasn’t clear.

Are you worried about the future? What if one day you won’t have success with your music anymore?
Kaulitz: After the fourth album we are relatively relaxed. I think we’ll always have a future with music. We can say that relatively self-confident. We built up a good base in the last ten years which will always be there. That has rather less to do with the success of a single album. Furthermore there are a lot of other fields in music: Tom for example wants to write and produce for other artists.

Can’t you imagine something else?

Kaulitz: No. I’m incredibly thankful that we all could go this way. I can’t imagine doing an other normal job, which I actually don’t want to do. We have the luck every day to do what we love and like to do and what we also feel called to do.

Wolfgang Joop (german designer) likes your style. What does fashion and style mean to you? Is that art for you?

Kaulitz: Yes, totally. Fashion is my second biggest passion next to music. For me that also goes along with each other. I don’t see myself as singer-songwriter who stands on stage and only sings. I have always been more of a singer and performer. I like to have a show. We do a lot more on tour than just playing our instruments. For me fashion is a part of that as well. I also fulfilled some of my dreams concerning that matter: I worked with photographers, labels and designers I have already wanted to work with for a long time. I really have embosomed Wolfgang and we get along very well. He’s a great designer. One of my big dreams is to have a fashion line one day. I want to fulfil this dream for myself one day. But also concerning that I want to take time to do it seriously. I don’t want to simply write my name on something. There are also already some designs and names I have been working on for some years now. By now there hasn’t been the right moment yet, but it will come one day.

But for now the music’s first?

Kaulitz: In the next time it’s the album’s turn. We have an incredibly full schedule, there is no minute for other things. Therefore it will still take a bit of time.


Listening to the Go East track. Kanami’s talking about Shiroe, since she mentioned his name and nobody else knows who he is (naturally). I think she’s saying that they can just leave things to Shiroe … who isn’t there?? Probably explains why Leonardo sounds annoyed about it. Not sure, though.

That said, Coppelia’s voice is adorable. I’ll see if I can condense the track and upload it.