A couple of changes

Heya! So I made a couple of changes to some of my other art outlets online.
First of all, I updated my society6 with some HoO stuff:

second, I made my twitter a personal account, because I didn’t really use it for art, like I had intended to. But I changed the handle on that one, so my new only-art twitter will still be @ dellbelle39  

&the updated links to both of these are on my tumblr!

Today's Updates (Feb. 28, 2015)

What’s up my fellow friends! It’s BenNews Daily time and I know this is your favorite part of the day ;) 

Who has eight guns and terrorizes the ocean? Sophie the Squid!

1. "Hahahahhahahha! There’s something in there for sure, that’s all I know."

2. Making their way downtown, walking fast, faces pass and their Oscar bound.

3. Same picture, whole worlds apart…

4. Anon Highlights:

5. All you need to know about the Oscars 2015…(video made by TFOE) And it’s also going big time on Youtube…I hope.

6. If you can stomach it…HW speaking at the pre-BAFTA Audi party being all nice and cordial. 

7. Flash back to Feb. 14, one of the well wishers caught a sneak peak of a van leaving BC’s ceremony.

8. The damage has already been done, as three major gossip sites have already published the story, and only one of them has removed the pictures of the Order of Service from their site.

9. A message from the registers in a newsletter…

10. Now THAT is some shade being placed in the proper media outlet. Here’s the start to the public downfall. Mmm… It’s true that HW is known for his tendency of sinking his own ship…

11. Nans… a congrats in a parish newsletter is not the reading of banns. Nor is it a filing of intent. 

12. The love in this picture is astronomical! That thumb holding is SOOOOOOO sexy I just can;t. *fans self with the Sun’s exclusive pics of the wedding*

13. Anon: Cant link but article is “9 things we learned from the 2015 oscars” vogue article Check out #4, hehe

14. From the page Ben to the IMDb deleted project Yellow Birds. Now he is fully free until June.

15. TFOE gifs the wonderful, magnificent MamaWanda getting fed up with this WTFry

16. OTT but…First it was the creator of nutella and now Leonard Nimoy…SMH.

17. Okay, you are at the Oscars. You are seated next to TWYL and married. Cameras are on you. Got it

18. So, sometimes, when pap pics make it to the press, there are a whole lot of sources, like in this Fail article (which, btw, still includes pics of the Order of Service)

19. How could I have possibly forgotten to take someone’s word who has seen SH’s CV pre-whitewashed days and take it to face value, no receipts. Teach me your ways nannies. 

20. Anon: I think this is some grade A damage control, don’t you? The wording is very interesting, no? I picked “nonny” and myg’parent name on purpose. Tell me this isn’t some damage control ;-)

21. So Vogue fired the first shots…


23. As others have said, the East Wind is coming.

24. Anon: Do you know if SH is getting paid for letting them run the pic of her pregnancy dress?…Of that I’m not 100% sure but I did find something quite interesting on Seraphine’s front page. However, I do know they used the same exact dress in an episode of How I Met Your Mother when Lily was pregnant.

25. In a few pictures, BC and SH’s relationship: a summary…

26. Just leaving these here…You can thank me later ;) Another segment of “What’s the DM have to say about this” brought to you by TFOE. 

27. "God rest her soul’: Benedict Cumberbatch pens heartfelt apology for not attending funeral of Sherlock fan, 14, because he was ‘filming the show she loved." Posting this more for Eve than BC because it was a life taken too soon and it’s sad it took a celeb writing a scribbled condolence letter in between takes to bring awareness to it.)

I hope y’all have a truly good day and don’t be afraid to send some things in. Also, don’t forget to send the happy couple a two-week-aversary for making it this far. Better yet, personally send it to BC’s door and hand it to him whilst knitting booties in the other hand.—TFOE <3

February 28, 2015

My first month back at school has been going incredible. I feel like I’ve finally settled into a routine after four snow days. I have completely turned around my diet, and while I still have many lapses as I am just starting, I can already notice a difference. I can home today and my parents immediately noticed a change, and that was the first time I’ve realized this is really happening.

Both of my parents completely inspire me, my mom is a certified Pilates and Spin teacher, and getting certified to be a Health Coach and a Life Coach. In these last few months she has gone Paleo and lost a HUGE amount of weight. The reason she inspires me so much is because she does it for herself. She doesn’t care how other people see her, but she wants to develop a healthy life style. She especially struggles with self-control (and sweets) so she is my biggest supporter. My dad has lost almost 15 lbs as well, and I must say I am heavily impressed he’s turned his diet around. All in all, I feel like spending time with them is such a healthy influence I only want to work harder.

So I am officially down to 129 lbs! This is less than original weight I was when I went to school, and only 4 lbs more than my personal best ever. My weight loss goals may not be drastic, but I want to take incremental steps. I have less than 10 lbs until my goal weight and I know I can do it before the summer. I love my new lifestyle and I feel like each day is a new adventure.

So, as of Feb. 28, 2015: 129 lbs

The Hollow Ones (47399 words) by antietamfalls

Chapters: 10/?

Fandom: Sherlock (TV), Sherlock Holmes & Related Fandoms, Walking Dead (TV)

Rating: Mature

Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings

Relationships: Sherlock Holmes/John Watson

Characters: Sherlock Holmes, John Watson, Greg Lestrade, Molly Hooper, Mycroft Holmes, Sally Donovan, Anderson (Sherlock), Sarah Sawyer, Mike Stamford

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Zombie Apocalypse, Alternate Universe - Zombies, Zombies, Zombie Apocalypse, Zombielock, Angst, Slow Build, I swear it’s not all about the zombies, Emotional Constipation, Protective John, everyone is a BAMF, Hurt/Comfort


The dead walk. Mangled corpses of the deceased rise and mindlessly feast upon the flesh of the living. John wakes up, alone and confused, into the remnants of a city gone mad. He will search for answers. He will find Sherlock at any cost. And he will learn that the living are far more dangerous than the dead. Fusion with AMC’s The Walking Dead.

urnothibiya asked:

When will keys of fire continue ? please I'm waiting 😭

I guess I’ll post and write my little note here…


I was gonna update this weekend — I then realized not only do I only have two pages written of ch. 39 (my chapters are usually around 15 pages) but I’m taking the ACT, staying after school most days until 8:30, and doing homework on top of that for two weeks straight.  Including Saturdays.  Gotta study and make sure all homework done this weekend so that I don’t have to catch up in my limited homework time.  (Blame stage crew.)

Henceforth… I am on a mini haitus.  Two weeks.  :(  I’M SORRY PLEASE UNDERSTAND THAT I LOVE YOU BUT I PHYSICALLY CANNOT.  I really do wanna write it and I’m excited to show you; it’s a mixture of a filler and stuff you need to know.  In fact, I’ll give you a little snippet spoiler so that you don’t hate me as much:

“Good morning, Natsu!”

Lucy was slightly stung and annoyed when said boy jumped at the sound of her voice and quickly scurried backwards on the bench away from her.  He was in a rather rumpled Fleetwood Mac shirt and his eyes were wide as he stared at her, shaking his head and backing away.

Her hands set firmly on her hips.  “What?  Stop acting like I’m a Black Plague quarantine victim or something!”

Gray, Gajeel, and Loke across from him, she suddenly noticed, were having similar reactions.  And… all the other boys in the hall.  In fact, she noticed that there wasn’t a single female in sight.

“Natsu?  What’s going on?  Natsu?”

But he was curled up under the table, waving his hand in a frantic motion of shooing her away.

“What is your problem?!” Lucy hissed, crouching down to meet his eyes.

Finally, he whispered, glancing back and forth, “Can’t talk to you!  Erza will-”

“Natsu?  Are you possibly… speaking to Lucy?”

It was Erza, standing in her terrifying, armored glory with a glint in her eyes that sent him scrambling backwards.  Clamping a hand over his mouth, he shook his head very fast from side to side.

Before Erza could chase after and beat him up for reasons still unknown, Lucy caught her arm.  “Why can’t he talk to me?!”

Seeming to relax, Erza raised an eyebrow at her.  “Oh.  I suppose no one has told you.  February thirteenth of every year is the official Fairy Tail girls’ day.  The males are forbidden from communicating with you.”

“I think that’s taking a girl’s day a little too far,” Lucy said weakly in exasperation.  “But… what do we do on a girl’s day?”

Bisca slid off the banister then, followed by Laki, Cana, and the others laughing seemingly ready to go somewhere.  Erza smirked.  “Get dressed and get your bag — then, we’ll show you…””

To be continued in chapter 39…