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'Hannibal' Season 3: Will Graham's future wife, Molly Foster, is coming

‘Hannibal’ Season 3: Will Graham’s future wife, Molly Foster, is coming

“Hannibal” has just started production on Season 3, and like seasons past, it will divide its 13 episodes into two arcs. The first half will deal with Hannibal Lecter (Mads Mikkelsen) and Dr. Bedelia Du Maurier (Gillian Anderson) on the run overseas, and showrunner Bryan Fuller already has a plan for how it will play out visually.

“We’re actually going to be going to Italy for exteriors,” he…

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General update and what's to come

First, say hello to the little (big) goober that’s slowing down my writing:


Someone is being an attention hog and forcibly pushing my hands away from the keyboard. Writing is also slowed down a bit because I have so many messages in my inbox that I’m getting lag when I try to type out responses! Though I’m going to try to get as many done this weekend as I can, please bear with me for a little while.

As for what’s to come, there’s a lot more Kisumi this time! You guys really want to read more about that pink-haired cutie. He’ll be showing up a lot more often. There’s also a fair amount of “sexy times” requests! While I’ll be doubling up some of the same/similar requests, I think I’ll respond to all of the single-character “sexy times” separately. There’s just always so many possibilities! 

I think that’s it for now. I just wanted to check in. I love you all! (I’m also having a hard time choosing which requests to do next! They’re ALL so fun!)

~Admin Demi


Someone got the dub out early, so I listened to episode 9 since almost all the important characters say at least one thing in that episode.

The only thing I can think of when William talks is Roman Torchwick, for some reason.

Aside from Henrietta, Serara,  Minori, Tohya, and Isuzu, just about nobody’s worth listening to, in my opinion, at least in episode 9. Akatsuki’s isn’t bad, but it’s not good either. Demiqas is fine, but he’s just in two episodes in S1.

The VAs should probably listen to the originals before trying to voice a character, too. They’d at least be able to get the name “Shiroe” right.

Volunteers needed!

Hello okay since assignments have gone out and writers only have a month and some weeks to write, volunteer betas/brit-pickers/etc are needed and welcomed! Not everyone has a beta and if a few people who are willing to help could volunteer to beta for those people, that would be amazing. If you want to volunteer, please send me a message here on this blog so I can add you to a list. If you are already writing for this fic exchange but want to volunteer as a beta as well, please message me and tell me who you’re beta’ing a fic for when the time comes before doing so. So please help if you can!


ZHOUMI 조미-Rewind (挽回) (feat. TAO of EXO) Chinese Version

anonymous said:

Hi! I use Tumblr on mobile, so I haven't been able to see any if the changes and basically have no idea what's going on? Could you explain please? Thank you! c:

Sure thing, Anon!

So, basically, tumblr changed the original dashboard. They took away the bar at the top of your dash that allows you to make posts, have the home bar stick to the top of your dash as you scroll, and, most significantly, they changed post size. When you post gifs or graphics or pictures, the size has always been 500px. I’ve only been on Tumblr for about two years, but apparently, the 500px size post is way older than that.

By changing the post size from 500px to 540px today, tumblr essentially fucked up every picture and gif and edit on their site. They did this really insensitive, stupid thing, because every use is pissed. And rightly so. I’v only just started making gifs and I’ve made graphics in the past, and that shit takes serious time. To have your gifs be either distorted or fuzzy or cut off seriously sucks. It feels almost disrespectful because clearly the staff doesn’t really give a shit about us as users. I seriously doubt anybody would’ve wanted a larger post size had there been a poll. 

The other thing about the update is that apparently, you can’t even make gifs that are 540px and have them not be distorted. Tumblr turns your gif/graphic into 500px from 540px and then distorts the image back. Either way, you get shitty-looking work.

Thankfully, the xkit guy is working really hard on fixing everything for us (bless him), and there’s another extension floating around that allows you to keep post size at 500px. Even with that, though, everyone needs to go email staff because if you have the extension your stuff will look good, but it won’t for anyone who doesn’t. 

Hope that answers your question :)