“I- I assure you, your Princess is fine.”
“Right, I think that’ll be it for tonight. I’m going to do my job.”

“And this time, I’m doing it right.”

(( Yeehh! Finished this owo After seeing the replies from earlier, it kinda got me motivated to do this right away >3< 

Asked by asknila!


EDIT: I didn’t queue it e>e Will just reboogle in the morning - Askbox is open btw owo))

one time in the 5th grade i was wearing shorts, and a teacher told me that i was like a gift and if i wrap myself up enough, boys will wonder whats inside but if i dont, then boys won’t be surprised. 

tell me again about how feminism is unnecessary.

Some Cool Personal News

I got accepted to study a Masters degree in Clinical Psychology! :D :D

I kinda screamed in the cinema when I found out. I was kinda shocked, but really pleased. Yay me ^–^

I start that in September over two years part time (I just don’t have the money for it otherwise), and hopefully will be working on some personal projects in between. Therefore, come September my time here will probably be a little less, but I plan on getting lot of fics done during the summer to make up for it. I’ll still be writing during my course, it’s just gonna be more sporadic not that it isn’t like that right now

I’ve kinda slowed down right now cause I’m preparing for Asylum and JIBcon (TWO WEEKS, MAN, TWO WEEKS), but still chugging along. :D

Hopefully get some fics out to you guys sooooon :)

Hope you enjoy your day, my honeybees!

Wild Diet Book Tour – Updates, Podcasts, and The Other …

Wild Diet Book Tour – Updates, Podcasts, and The Other …

Check out the latest list of podcasts I have been a guest on over the last few weeks on The Wild Diet book tour. I love being a guest on these shows because I.

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Sorting Spree

We already have lots of submissions which is SUPER AWESOME

but please please pleeeease read the rules.

You submission MUST be on the Sorting Spree list (not the Sortings By Us list) or it will be deleted.

Also we have very specific instructions on formatting and while this doesn’t necessarily mean your submission will be deleted it does mean we have to take the time to reformat every single submission that is done improperly. It would just make things so much easier on us if you would double check your submission before sending it in.

That being said, I think this is already turning out to be a very big Sorting Spree!