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Writing With Color Updates (11/25/14)

Hey all! Some quick updates;

WWC’s ask box will re-open on Monday, December 1st!

As mentioned, we wanted to get a head-start on the great amount of questions we received since starting Writing With Color.

We’re still working through ‘um (but breaking down 400+ msgs and questions to less than 200 is good progress, eh?) so it’ll be business as usual when we re-open the inbox, answering your questions and getting them out to you all as soon as we can.

Thanks very much for your patience and the amazing support (we read all your kind messages)!

Look out for more updates in the near future as we renovate our pages to make things easier to navigate.

In the meantime; 

How is nanowrimo going for those participating? Do you have any fabulous new OCs of Color?



[NEW VIDEO] #KaulitzTwins judging Pilgrim Pole Dancing @ The Playboy Morning Show [Los Angeles, CA - 20.11.2014] 

So….there might be a flaw in my calendar plan… I can’t find a reasonably affordable site to create calendars, and I’d prob have to charge a fortune to make ANY money off the ones on Mixbook… (not to mention their shipping is really high) sooo…. I might be offering these instead.

Just simple one page calendars. I don’t like them nearly as much…but I could offer these for a MUCH better price…



141125 HZT-ao meipai update: 好想念大家,和哥哥在一起很开心.天气冷了记得多穿衣服~不要感冒 ❤ 여러분보고싶다 형이랑같이있어서너무행복하다 날시도추워지니까 감기조심해요~❤

Ingjard, standing straight and tall, showed none of the wonderment I knew her to be experiencing. She was as excited to meet an ancient, friendly dragon as one might expect of a Nord who grew up knowing dragons to be long gone, extinct marvelous creatures that were barely more than a myth. Upon closer inspection, I noticed that the fingers of Ingjard’s left hand were tapping against her steeled thigh, a subtle release of her internalized emotion. I knew how she felt. I would have never retained such decorum if I had been introduced to a friendly dinosaur.

I began to shiver. The wind was unforgiving on this plateau, and no cloak could block the chill forever. Without notice, I started for the curved stone wall, which had been left blackened by the earlier verbal attack. I sat myself down against the deepest part of the curve, and Ingjard settled snug against me. I peered up at Paarthurnax. As he turned and watched me cower against the cold, he snorted.

He was amused. How I knew that he was amused was anyone’s guess, but I suspected my new scaly friend might have an answer. He probably had many answers.

“I-I have questions,” I finally spoke, jaw still tight from my muscles attempting to warm me.

Laanne. Yes.” Paarthurnax spoke with a certain tranquility about him. I found the vibrations of his voice soothing. “Dovahkiinne always have questions.”

Chapter 29, “Hero by Choice”



Early Morning Full Circle Update! 

Chapter 6: Sitting Still

(Jessa scenes forever!)