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Have and of your headcannons for characters changed? If so, which ones?

Yeah I have updated a lot of them as more information is revealed.

I used to headcanon old woman josie as chinese but now we know she’s afrolatina and she’s not even that old

I changed Marcus to look more young and hip and now his hair matches his wings.

After hearing Steve I changed him permanently to Katie’s design because he’s more likeable.

After hearing Tamika’s description I changed her to look more stocky and mature

Earl also changed after hearing his voice, now he’s more manly and he has facial hair.

Leonard too, at first I thought he was a drag queen but that’s clearly not the case lmao

And of course there was the case where I thought Vithya was russian but then a lot of people got angry and i learned she was actually indian so I fixed her

And Maureen, at first I drew her like this but then I found she’s irish/jewish and I made some adjustments.

Please stop stealing my photos and claiming them.

My name is Rebekkah. Not Kayla, Ashley, Lana, Macy or Maia. 

Aoife’s name isn’t Charlotte, Jewel or whatever other names people make up. / Liam’s name isn’t Camp, Edward or whatever.

I’ve noticed SO many fake account on instagram and twitter lately and it’s frustrating because all of the pictures they steal are from here, my blog. I tried to use watermarks and they cropped it out, even if only half a face was the only thing that remained. 

People actually make fake profiles of me and block me or become private whenever a caring friend or follower let’s me know about it or tags me in the post. As flattering as I was at first, it’s getting really annoying because now people actually come to me and say that I’m not myself, that I’m using someone elses photos. I would be honored if these were fan pages but they aren’t! I’ve never even had a fan page made but I have lots and lots of fakes.

My only social sites aside from the blog are:



Anyone else isn’t me. Period.

At this point I have no other ideas to stop stealers except live with it and roll my eyes and link to this post when people question me. It’s pretty petty that I even have to make this. Oh well.

* Ignore Oisin in the background being a grump because I said he couldn’t go to his friends house today, sorry kiddo!

* Little Oak is pretty much naked because he’s had a fever and is burning up, poor babe doesn’t feel so well on his 4 month birthday :/

* Luckily I got an eager Papa Wolfé to come babysit the kids while I go to a commercial property conference this evening, hence why I’m dressed fancy!


Franny - Trailer 2

Friday News Update

● What looks like a Japanese exclusive Nintendo Direct will be this Sunday at 19:00 JST covering 3DS and Wii U games this Summer.

● Hatsune Miku Project Mirai 1 and 2 have both been removed from the eShop in the advent of Deluxe’s release.

● The Super Mario 30th anniversary website has opened up at

● Several amiibo will be restocked in Japan from mid-June with Ike, Marth, Lucario, Meta Knight and Lucina. The amiibo clear cases have both been delayed until 13 June too.

● There’s an absolute ton of Splatoon themed badges added to Collectible Badge Center. Since this is looking less likely of releasing a Western release it is perhaps the single greatest reason for owning a Japanese 3DS.

● You can upgrade your Nookling Store in Animal Crossing: New Leaf to an actual 7-Eleven when connecting to Nintendo Zones in 7-Elevens across Japan throughout June.

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Demo Progress:

I get quite the abundance of notes regarding “When is the demo going to be out?” so I thought I’d give small updates.

Right now, the Demo’s progress is at about:  60% done!  

Here are a couple maps showing the playable areas that will be in the demo.  The teal dots mean I still need to art the area.

Art Checklist: 

  1. Spiraling Stairwell
  2. Rozenia’s Room
  3. Collapsing Corridor
  4. Bathroom; Closet (both small)
  5. 2F Entryway
  6. Family Altar Room W/Lamp Corridor
  7.  Corridor of Clocks
  8. Persephone Graphics
  9. Ludie Graphics
  10. Magnus Graphics

It seems like a lot, but it’s not that bad.  The hallway type maps I can make pretty fast, and the character graphics only need a few for the demo.  Persephone’s is done sort of, just needs editing to show a few more emotions.  Same with Ludie’s.

And the, after that, all that needs to be done is scripting/eventing and the demo should be ready.  c:  I don’t know how long that will take, sorry!

The demo will include all of Chapter 1, so it will largely be a “Tutorial” Chapter.  There will be ghost encounters and also a ghost “Boss Fight” towards the end, Persephone’s Requests, and some minor exploring.  Sadly, it won’t contain the crafting aspect of the game or the in-depth exploring of the game, since you’d need access to a lot of the other areas for that.  If time permits, then I may art some additional areas to add to the explorative nature you’d usually feel in the game (Probably the Apothecary Room so you can see how the crafting works, and the Hanging Room and the Hallway connecting them - Really excited for the Hanging Room, hnngh.)

In the demo, you won’t be able to go into a lot of places with the reason of something like “I don’t feel like going this way right now,” or something.  In the actual game, this will normally not be the case unless a door is locked for a specific reason, and you should be able to freely explore much of the manor.

Also, please note that these maps are not in any means “accurate” or permanent.  There have already been some changes and additions.  When the game is done, I will probably make a legit map sometime. = v =

Thank you for all your support~

Sorry for slow updates lately, everyone…right after Anime North I went back to Asia, so I’m still adjusting from jetlag…I’ll try to be back on track as soon as I can! (^・ω・^ )


OKAY GUYS SO THIS ACTUALLY HAPPENED! Candice attended at the Fleetwood Mac concert in London with Martha Hunt last night. Harry was also there with his sister, Gemma…the thing is that later Harry started following Martha, which means they were hanging out backstage!!!! I even bet Harry took that pictures, they were obviously in the same place because look at the white bar table in Martha’s picture and then at Gemma’s picture, the same table! GUYS DO YOU EVEN REALIZE HOW CLOSE WE WERE OF AN ACTUAL HANDICE PICTURE? And I’m sure they took pictures together and they are in candys phone, or harrys!!!♡♡♡

Here’s a self-congratulatory post, because I am now officially a graduate of Communication Arts! Welcome to the real world, my awkward potato self!

After four college years of strenuous nights metaphorically-dying from information overload, mountains of paperwork, excruciating thesis dates, almost-FA’d classes, surprise exams (meaning exams that include shit we weren’t taught), and both the awesome and the asswipe professors–I’m finally done with yet another chapter in my life. Time to move on to the next. 

So long, sleepless nights! So long, 28-peso budget meals for lunch! So long, Willgates and Pacific which had been home to me and my barkada when we’re not attending classes! So long, college crushes–both girl crushes and boy crushes who’d been a drive to actually go to school! So long, my beloved Alma Mater for eight years. 

I haven’t cried yet, which either means it hasn’t sunk in or I’m in denial, but I’m not really ready for the responsibilities after being spoonfed for quite some time. It’s going to take a while to adjust to, but be ready, world. Here comes another graduate who’s unsure of where to go and where to start, but once she finds out, will wreak havoc upon the earth. 

Congrats, UST AB Batch 2015. Let’s kick some ass.

Off hiatus! (:

Goodbye physics paper and goodbye common tests!! I’ll reopen the ask box later, and maybe I’ll release a base code or fan site theme over the next week or so ~