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The lives of a young couple intertwine with a much older man as he reflects back on a lost love while he’s trapped in an automobile crash.

[Guide] Everything you need to know for buying BTS tickets.

As many of you know, BTS is having their first U.S. Showcase tour this summer and let’s be honest, we all want to go. So, here is some important info you need to know for buying tickets.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, April 25th at 10AM local time. This means that they will be on sale at 10AM, in the time zone of the venue. (i.e Club Nokia (California) will go on sale at 10AM PST which would be 12PM CST/1PM EST)

You will want to get your tickets as soon as they go on sale, because we predict this showcase to sell out asap.

Concert dates/cities.

BTS will be hitting up these lucky cities below.

New York City, New York. (7/16 - Thursday) Best Buy Theater.

Dallas, Texas. (7/18 - Saturday) Verizon Theatre.

Chicago, Illinois. (7/24 - Friday) Rosemont Theatre.

Los Angeles, California. (7/26 - Sunday) Club Nokia.

Seating charts are available for all venues. (New York City, Dallas, Chicago & Los Angeles)

Pricing/ticket options.

Here is a list of which ticket tiers are available and what they include.

VIP+ - $205

  • -Guaranteed Hi-Touch
  • -Random chance to win exclusive BTS autographed TRBinUSA Tour item*
  • -Random chance to win exclusive TRBinUSA Tour T-Shirt
  • -Early entry for VIP+ (LA & NY only – GA Standing)

VIP - $155

  • -Random chance to win Hi-Touch pass (100 per city)
  • -Random chance to win exclusive BTS autographed TRBinUSA Tour item*
  • -Random chance to win exclusive TRBinUSA Tour T-Shirt

*VIP+ & VIP random exclusive BTS autographed TRBinUSA Tour item is TBD.

**$105 (Dallas and Chicago only)

What’s a ‘Hi-Touch’?

A hi-touch is when you get to touch hands (a high-five, essentially) with your favorite idols.

Where will tickets will be sold?

Tickets will be sold online through the listed sites below. Tickets will also be sold through box office, though it is highly recommended that you purchase them online when they go on-sale for the best chances to acquire tickets.

New York City, New York: AXS.com

Dallas, Texas: AXS.com

Chicago, Illinois: Ticketmaster.com

Los Angeles, California: AXS.com

Facebook event pages. 

Not only can you let your friends know you’ll be attending one of the hottest concerts this summer, but you can also chat and get excited for the shows, with other ARMYs! Each stop has it’s own event page!

New York City: #TRBinNYC

Dallas, Texas: #TRBinDALLAS

Chicago, Illinois: #TRBinCHICAGO

Los Angeles, California: #TRBinLA

A full concert FAQ, by SubKulture Entertainment, can be found here.

Stay updated with SubKulture Entertainment, on their social media, listed below!

Website:     subkultureent.com
Facebook:  facebook.com/subkultureent
Twitter:       twitter.com/SubKultureEnt
Instagram:  instagram.com/SubKultureEnt

Comment below, which city you will be attending!



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Chapter 31 of Salute - Airport Antics & Grisly Gunfights

Read Chapter 31 of Salute here on 1dff or here on tumblr:

“H-he’s got a gun,” Piper stammered out as she put her hand over her heart. She leaned a bit so she could stick her head out past the wall and see down the hall, hoping to catch a glimpse of where he was. All she could see was a long hallway with a number of alcoves before another shot was fired and she was forced to scoot back around the corner. “He’s got a gun, Harry.”

“So do you,” Harry reminded her. “Use it.”



Some of you have probably been wondering where the latest episodes of the documentary are.

Some of you may have started to wonder if there even were going to BE any more episodes of the documentary.

And some others among you have remained hopeful, that one day soon, we will crawl out from the abyss that is keeping up with One Direction, to release new episodes.

Hopefully, this video will answer some of your questions.

New episodes coming soon!

-Tim and Nat :)

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Google Drive link here

You can use this printable to track how many glasses of water you’ve drunk each day. You can start on any day you want and track your routine for the next four weeks.
Each time you’ve drunk a glass of water, you can tick off a box. This way you’ll see if you’re getting more used to drinking 6 glasses of water after maybe two weeks. Or maybe you’ll see on which days you find it hard to keep track of it, because you’re busy on that particular day of the week.
[this paragraph is also the text on the printable]

Please let me know what you think of it!

ps. if you’re gonna post a picture of you using this, please tag it with ‘dutchstudyblr’ (: