We moved into the cabin today!

The cabin used to be a shed. We cleaned it, braced it, leveled spot for it, trucked it over from a few blocks away and set it down.

It has recycled doors and windows, double-stud framing with blown cellulose and blue jean insulation. It has generous overhangs, reclaimed siding from camp cabins in Idyllwild, an oak floor and a little deck.

(Meanwhile, I got so into the idea of converting sheds that I started another one, now known as the playhouse, which we’re using as a guest room.)

We will sleep in the cabin this summer, because it is much cooler and more comfortable than the trailer. When our house renovation is finished, this will become my sewing studio.

If you’re wondering what the deal is with the two beds, in the trailer the side walls held them together making a bigger-than-king-sized bed. The cabin is about 8” wider than the trailer.


Oh noes, you dropped that pot and now it’s broken. Whatever will you do with it now? Don’t throw those broken pots away. You can used them to create awesome little fairy gardens using little plants such as succulents and sedums, decorative stones, and maybe a little gnome or two and a house that’s just their size. Voila, fairy garden! Bored Panda assembled a collection of enchanting DIY fairy gardens. These are just a few of our favorites. Click here to view them all.

Photos via hm-decor.com, infojardin.com, Lynette, and naturework.com respectively.

[via Bored Panda]


Portuguese street artist Artur Bordalo, aka Bordalo II, uses mixed media to create his own interpretations of the urban landscape and environment. He often composes his works using various found items that he merges together into beautiful forms….

Recently, Bordalo II was invited to produce an installation as part of WOOL, an urban art festival in Covilhã, Portugal. It took him a little more than one week to create Owl Eyes, a collaged owl composed of found trash and recycled materials. 

(via Impressive 3D Street Art Created with Recycled Materials - My Modern Met)


Let’s pay a visit to the Department of Exceptional Upcycling and check out the work of Russian sculptor Igor Verniy, who uses scrap metal, silverware, old bike chains and other salvaged materials to create fantastic steampunk and cyberpunk creatures. Many of Verniy’s intricate sculptures are designed to be full articulated and feature lots of moving parts enabling them to posed in a wide variety of lifelike positions.

Head over to Verniy’s Facebook and VK pages to check out lots more of his outstanding artwork.

[via Colossal]Scrap 


Today the Department of Beguiling Book Art is enjoying the enchanting creations of England-born, Washington-based illustrator Isobelle Ouzman, who transforms discarded books into handheld dreamscapes.

“Every book that I alter was found in a box by a dumpster in Seattle, a recycling bin, a thrift store, or was given to me by someone who no longer wants it. Rather than have these discarded books sit out in the rain or in some store to gather dust, I’m trying to make good use of them. I love books very much and would never carve into one that was valuable. I’m just trying to bring them back to life. Make them mean something once more.”

Ouzman creates her intricate book sculptures using an x-acto knife, plenty of glue, pens, and watercolors. Opening and peering into these altered books feels like a wonderful visual reminder that reading a really good book is like entering another world.

To purchase one of her book sculptures or request a personal commission, visit Isobelle Ouzman’s Etsy shop.

Head over to Isobelle Ouzman’s website to check out more of her artwork or follow her right here on Tumblr at belleiso.

[via Junkculture]

G’day everyone,

John here, Sonia’s partner.

The dolls are now sold out. We will be posting them out to there new homes over the next few days.

We did our best to post them at random times to spread the opportunity as much as possible under the circumstances and to stop someone buying them as a batch lot. It’s the first time for us at this and we think we did ok.

We are going to take a few days away from social media to gather our thoughts and go from here. We still do not plan to be doll manufacturers and we encourage you to find old and unused dolls and toys and to give them a new lease on life. The emails we have received from people who have done this and had a ball with their children have been the best part of this whole experience so far.

Sonia is planning on upcycling some more dolls to list on the etsy shop in March. We would also like to make another DIY video in the next couple of weeks.

If you would like to support Sonia’s work in the meantime please consider preordering a set of greeting cards from the Tree Change Dolls etsy shop.

Thanks so much for everything to date. We’re off to take the dog for a walk!

John and Sonia


Today the Department of Extraordinary Upcycling explores the work of Rochester, NY-based artist Dave Pollot who, in the awesome company of artists such as David Irvine, Thyrza Segal, Dave Vancook and Gauvain Manhattan, finds kitschy old paintings at thrift stores and enhances them with the addition of delightfully geeky pop culture characters and vehicles.

Visit Dave Pollot’s website to check out more of his playfully repurposed paintings.

Pollot sells prints via his Etsy shop as well as many of the original repurposed paintings themselves via his personal website.

[via Laughing Squid]