FRIDAY FRENZY | etsyfindoftheday 2 | 2.27.15

‘gypsy dreamer’ armlet by xtarnishedx

chicago-based maker xtarnishedx upcycles vintage jewelry pieces, chains, charms, coins, and more to create unique and beautiful body jewelry. from harnesses to armlets to cuffs, you’re bound to find a one-of-a-kind stunner to show off … maybe once the weather gets warmer <3


Don’t throw away those empty pizza boxes! They’re (slightly greasy) works of art waiting to happen. Russian paper artist and graphic designer Yulia Brodskaya (previously featured here) just transformed a corrugated cardboard pizza box into a beautiful paper filigree butterfly. Brodskaya created her upcycled box butterfly for a Dutch online food ordering site called Thuisbezorgd.nl.

Visit Yulia Brodskaya’s website to check out more of her phenomenal papercraft.

[via That’s Nerdalicious!]

I bought some dyes yesterday to tie-dye an old white skirt and ended up tie-dyeing also a bag,tote bag,old tank top and two pieces of grey fabric for another pair of harem pants ! And I LOVE the results *o* It looks so good!!! Whaa I need to tie-dye more often =D 😄💕🐙


"Martin, there’s all kinds of sharks in the water, you know? Hammerheads, Whitetips, Blues, Makos…" and let’s not forget the dreaded Bra Shark.

Malaysian artist Louise Low Seok Loo uses brassieres, over 1,000 of them so far, to create colorful works of art including original sculptures, such as the awesome bra shark (entitled Fatal Attraction), and to cover existing objects. She uses bras as her artistic medium in order to ” explore the sensitivity and familiarity of the general public towards brassieres” and in effort to combat a cultural superstition regarding the display of women’s undergarments.

The New Straits Times explains: She said the artwork which took about one month to complete would also educate society particularly the younger generation among the Chinese community, against superstition.
In Chinese culture, the women’s undergarment was believed to bring bad luck when displayed indiscriminately.

Visit Louise Low Seok Loo’s Facebook page to check out more of her brilliant bra sculptures.

[via Neatorama and the New Straits Times]


Between the two socks I made a sweater, capri bottoms and knee high socks in a whole Deadpool pajama set for my friend. Her doll isn’t as hippy and thick thighed as my doll, so the pants and socks won’t be as stretched out. I’m really happy with the whole set!