Happy Earth Day! Today, we’re celebrating by upcycling incandescent light bulbs into terrariums and vases. Did you know that replacing traditional incandescents with LEDs can reduce your energy consumption by 50 to 70 percent? By switching how we light up our lives, we can make every day Earth Day. Read more about how LED technology is transforming our lives and our cities at GE Reports


Happy Earth Day!

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Coffee Cup Birdfeeder and Birdbath

I’ve seen a variety of tutorials for “teacup birdfeeders” online involving only glue, but the version we made here using a drill is much more solid.

We had everything we needed to build it on hand, minus the cup, which I picked up for a few kroner at a flea market, so building it was basically free: costs may vary depending on what kinds of tools you have laying around, but the idea is to use free and recycled materials if possible.

It’s a simple project that provides a new purpose for something (ceramic ware) that is widely available second-hand.



1. Using a concrete drillbit, carefully drill a hole in the centre of the saucer.

2. Using a wood drillbit, carefully drill a hole to match in the top of the dowel or stake.

3. Tightly screw the saucer to the dowel, using a washer to distribute the force, and a rubber gasket to cushion the area between the metal and ceramic.

4. Sand the centre of the saucer and the bottom of the cup, and clean away debris: this provides a better contact surface for glue.

5. Add one layer of glue to both cup and saucer, and wait until it is tacky, or almost dry. 

6. Add a second layer of glue, and attach the cup to the saucer. Optionally, glue a spoon to the saucer as well!

7. Put a brick or board on top of the cup, and let it sit while the glue dries overnight.

8. Fill the cup with water, and the saucer with birdseed.

9. Enjoy the view!


MECCA, the creative reuse nonprofit I run is collaborating with St. Vincent de Paul of Lane County to host an upcycle fashion and art show. Tonight’s the night and I’m co-emceeing the event.

I made myself a dress entirely out of newspaper. There is a tutorial online that inspired me-especially the box pleated top. I stitched the top to a newspaper skirt in which I added big pleats in the back to mimic a bustle. I used my drop spindle to spin newspaper into yarn and used that for straps. I used the colored Sunday comics to create a cummerbund and to make roses for my neckline and headband. It’s all stitched, no tape or glue is used (except the hot glue to attach the roses). It’s fastened by Velcro in the back.


Yay! Here they are! These are the dolls I will list for sale on Etsy at 10pm tomorrow 18 April (Hobart, Australia time). There are 15 new creations to be listed individually, and also 2 pairs of sisters to be re-listed from the last group (the orders had to be cancelled). Find me on Etsy through the ‘store’ tab at www.treechangedolls.com.au

I’ve had fun playing around with some different shoe styles this time around, adding socks and soles to the oogoo boots with Sugru. And my mum has outdone herself with the detailed pockets and range of styles in the clothes! She has been extra busy with non-doll-related stuff lately so I am extra appreciative of her hard work this time around. Thanks Mummy!

I will be finalising the prices in the morning and will list the price range on the Etsy shop when I’m done. Have a lovely weekend!