Another goodwill find! I thought this skirt would be perfect for winter since it’s thick, but the length wasn’t doing anything for me.

I marked where I wanted to cut it and chopped it off. I then pinned it up about 3/4 of an inch and stitched down a new hem.

Since we just moved back to Illinois, I have no idea where my iron went, so I used the next best thing: a straightener!

The old hem on the bottom piece was quite large, so I picked it apart, “ironed” it to remove the fold line, then cut it in half.

Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the next part, but I simply stitched the ends together, ran the top through the machine using the longest straight stitch, then gathered it by pulling on the bottom thread. I stitched it to the bottom of the skirt and voila! An up-to-date skirt for winter.

Happy crafting!

DIY Pallet Rack for the Kitchen…

Or a Mini Bar!


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Don’t Buy Any Junk Today!

Volunteer or donate to your local charity

Create a frankentoy

Transform scrap into something useful

Make someone a useful gift

Build something with foraged materials

Black Friday signals a day to buy, buy, buy but don’t go out on a frenzy and buy things that you don’t need. Donate your old stuff, volunteer your time, turn your old things into something new, or go on an adventure. Hashtag your creations on DIY with #nojunk and have a happy Friday!