im writing this down so i can remember this because this made me REAL HAPPY

the other night i was busing to school and i started to feel really.. REALLY light-headed. for those who don’t reside in beautiful british columbia, it’s a fact that BC’s november weather is The Worst, every other time of the year is great but november?? no..

it only took the first 5 minutes of busing/running in the rain to do me in and when i got to school i felt so sick.. it felt like i was either gonna faint or upchuck a whole goshdarn organ

then, got to class and. no one was there.

i checked my email and lo and behold, there was no class that day.

i just. sat down. and put my head down on the desk. ready to accept death.

and then, ga called. realizing i was too sick to move, she stayed on the phone for a whole two and a half+ hours?? and on my ride back home that lil angel read me 10 chapters of an always sunny fanfic IN THEIR VOICES it was the frICKING FUNNIEST THING EVER, it felt like i was actually watching an ep ahhah„ I TOTALLY FORGOT SHE WAS READING BECAUSE THE VOICES WERE SPOT ON i was still woozy but it made the trip back bearable…. sigh, ga’s the best, i treasure my ga


Upchuck Classicko by Erick Scarecrow

Erick Scarecrow just dropped an all new limited edition colorway of his 6” resin Upchuck figure. This handpainted "Classicko" edition is limited to 15 pieces worldwide, comes with a 4” clear resin vomit bomb, and comes signed & numbered by the artist. Get it here.

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Why I'm Thankful for Rooster Teeth

I was just going to make a large post of things I’m thankful for, but as I was writing it was clear RT needed it’s own post. (It’s long but I needed to write it out.)

Let me begin by explaining that this semester has been one of the worst I’ve ever experienced. I’m taking six college classes (for a total of 22 credits) as well as a job. Fire school has been a killer on me physically and emotionally, and my other classes (basic requirements I couldn’t care less about) are not helping. My anxiety has interfered multiple times, leaving me wither unable to get out of bed or in the bathroom, trying not to upchuck. As for my trichotillomania, I’ve pulled out half my hair and I’ve given up trying to hide it. In short, it’s been bad in my life.

I’m pretty sure the only reason I’ve gotten through it is with the help of Rooster Teeth, whether they’re aware of it or not. 

I began watching RT content at the beginning of this year. A friend insisted I should watch Rage Quit: Slender. I thought it was funny but wasn’t hooked. That led me to the Achievement Hunter Minecraft Let’s Plays, which I enjoyed as well, but it still wasn’t my anchor to the company. 

Then, during a snow storm (which led to a long weekend from school) I decided to try Red vs Blue.

It changed everything.

I loved everything about the series. It was hilarious, but still could throw in serious and deep thoughts and concepts every once in a while. The characters were diverse and interesting to watch interact. The plot kept me guessing and, even as it progressed to later seasons, it kept referring back to old lovable jokes. It was truly the show that sparked my love for the rest of the RT content.

Flash forward to the current semester. Rooster Teeth has managed to keep me from losing my mind throughout the chaos. Every day after class, I know there’s at least one new episode waiting for me. When my mind and my anxiety interfere with my sleep, I play the current week’s podcast and listen to it instead of the discouraging voices in my head. One day, when I was struggling to get out of bed (after missing two of the days three classes and doing something utterly humiliating and stupid at fire school the night before) I thought of RvB and whispered to myself “It could be worse. I could’ve been known for getting dragged through space by my balls via grappling hook” (referring to Washington in the beginning of S10, also mentioned by him to Tucker in S11). I couldn’t argue with, nor could I stop laughing at my own statement- I managed to make it to my last class. It sounds like weak motivation, but for me, it was just enough to do the trick.

Sure, my favorite shows do not make my problems go away, but they make them tolerable and less intimidating. Watching RTAA will not help me write a paper about a topic I despise, but allowing myself an episode in between every paragraph does. Red vs Blue will not help me go out and exercise to prepare for fire school evaluations, but internally reciting motivational lines from the show while running does. The podcast cannot silence the terrible ideas and conceptions about myself late at night, but it helps me ignore them and think of better things. On bad days where I can’t get myself out of bed, I think of all the things I have to look forward to: I have a goal to go with my friend to RTX next year.

I’m thankful for Rooster Teeth because it proves people truly can get a job doing what they love. I’m thankful for Rooster Teeth because the employees aren’t afraid to be themselves in a world where being yourself is judged harshly. I’m thankful for Rooster Teeth because the RT community is diverse and talented and wonderful to talk to.

I’m thankful for Rooster Teeth because they’ve pulled me out of the darkest of mental states time and time again, helping me fight through the obstacles in life that seem impossible.

Thank you Rooster Teeth. 

Really not digging this thick, acidic belching with minor acidic upchuck. Like burning vorps. Vomit burps. Vorps. But with acidy spit.