The news showed a bit of a clip of that journalist who was being executed and I actually upchucked a bit I nearly had a meltdown at such an atrocious sight 

pokemonliam said:

Embarrassing story: i was walking with my crush and he had his arm around me and we were going to our next class and i started to feel sick and threw up in a trash can while he saw the whole thing and he called me upchuck for over 3 months

I was like “aw this is cute what the hell is embarrassing” and then I burst out laughing hahaha aw

 “I didn’t know what the hell i was doing, but somehow that same stranger i’ve seen for months and months on the streets ended up in my student apartment, on my sofa, coughing up a storm and sick as a dog. I ended up bringing him blankets and one of those shitty neon beach pails that kids use for sand castles for him to upchuck in. Before I could have the chance to leave, he reached out and grabbed my arm, and let me tell you, I have never seen a more terrified looking person in my life. It was pitiful and downright gut twisting to keep eye contact, but what made it worse was when a horse voice just barely whispered, “Don’t kick me out” In that moment I just realized this person was a scared kid who got himself into more than he could handle.

Here we have another installment of the homeless AU, of course from Eridan’s point of view.

Upchuck Classicko by Erick Scarecrow

Erick Scarecrow just dropped an all new limited edition colorway of his 6” resin Upchuck figure. This handpainted "Classicko" edition is limited to 15 pieces worldwide, comes with a 4” clear resin vomit bomb, and comes signed & numbered by the artist. Get it here.

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7:30 AM
  • 7:30 AM
  • Slothrust
  • Of Course You Do

7:30 AM by Slothrust

I’m gonna leave you anyway
I’m gonna leave you anyway
I’m gonna leave you anyway

You’re gonna walk right out that door
You’re gonna walk right out that door
I’m gonna watch you walk away

I want my face to be untouched
I want my face to be untouched
I want the Buddhist mark

I want to sleep and dream alone
I wanna sleep and dream alone
I wanna fade into the dark

Carve it all up
You’ll find nothing
To put it, upon your plate

Have no logic
Too much reason
It’s an admirable tool

Carbonated, feelings drum aloud
Every morning when I wake

Upchuck, suck up
Best take your vitamins
I’m doing what I can for my body’s sake
I’m doing what I can, for my body’s sake

Disclaimer: Couldn’t find lyrics online so it’s highly likely I could be wrong

Blame It On The Alcohol || Ginny & Aubrey

It was only eight on a Wednesday night and Aubrey was already over this week. Having spent the majority of her day straightening out a pledge that had spent her time day-drinking and upchucking in the ZBZ kitchen, the president just needed a drink and good company to forget it all. Ginny was just the person that could give Aubrey a good time and help erase her bad day. After getting confirmation that Ginny was free and up to drinking at Dobbler’s, she left April in charge of the mess of a pledge and the rest of the girls as she headed down into town. Once she had arrived, the blonde found a spot at the bar and reserved the last two available stools while she texted Ginny her whereabouts. The bartender approaching her once she hit send, ordering two lemon drop shooters to be on deck when Ginny got here.

ben 10 pokemon style

define bens alien’s by pokemon type

  • Heatblast - Fire/Rock
  • Wildmutt - Normal/Ground —> Ultimate Wildmutt - Fighting/Ground
  • Diamondhead - Rock/Fighting
  • XLR8 - Normal/Dragon
  • Greymatter -  Psychic/Fairy
  • Fourarms - Fighting
  • Stinkfly - Bug/Poison
  • Ripjaws - Water/Dark
  • Upgrade - Electric/Steel
  • Ghostfreak - Ghost/Dark
  • Cannonbolt - Normal/Fighting —> Ultimate Cannonbolt - Steel/Fighting
  • Wildvine - Grass
  • Blitzwolfer - Dark/Ground
  • Snare-Oh - Dark/Ghost
  • Frankenstrike - Dark/Electric
  • Upchuck - Poison
  • Ditto - Normal
  • Eye Guy - Psychic
  • Way Big - Normal/Psychic —> Ultimate Way Big - Normal/Psychic
  • Swampfire - Grass/Fire —> Ultimate Swampfire - Grass/Fire
  • Echo Echo - Steel —> Ultimate Echo Echo - Steel/Psychic
  • Humungosaur - Rock/Fighting —> Ultimate Humungosaur - Rock/Steel
  • Jetray - Flying
  • Big Chill - Ice/Bug —> Ultimate Big Chill - Ice/Fire
  • Chromastone - Rock/Fairy
  • Brainstorm - Psychic/Electric
  • Spidermonkey - Normal/Bug —> Ultimate Spidermonkey - Dark/Bug
  • Goop - Poison/Steel
  • Lodestar - Steel
  • Rath - Fighting
  • Nanomech - Steel/Fairy
  • Water Hazard - Water/Steel
  • Amphibian - Electric/Steel
  • Armodrillo - Ground/Steel
  • Terraspin - Flying
  • NRG - Poison/Steel
  • Fasttrack - Normal
  • ChamAlien - Normal
  • Eatle - Steel/Bug
  • Clockwork - Steel/Psychic
  • Jury Rigg - Dark/Normal
  • Shocksquatch - Electric/Fighting
  • Feedback - Electric/Steel
  • Bloxx - Steel
  • Gravattack - Psychic/Rock
  • Crashopper - Bug
  • Articguana - Ice
  • Ball Weevil - Bug/Poison
  • Walkatrout - Water
  • Pesky Dust - Fairy
  • Molestache - Ground
  • The Worst - Normal
  • Kickin Hawk - Flying/Fighting
  • Toepick - Dark/Steel
  • Astrodactyl - Rock/Flying
  • Bullfrag - Water/Fighting
  • Atomix - Poison/Steel
  • Buzzshock - Electric
  • Gutrot - Poison
  • Whampire - Dark

By: Sassking-Trevor