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Miley Cyrus is all the talk right now, but instead of dwelling on the atrocious VMA performance, let’s look at the light of the matter: my favorite up and coming group/boyband, The Vamps are making her song “We Can’t Stop” seem bearable. 

As all of their covers, they continue to turn autotuned pop into acoustic greatness. They even throw in a little Jessie J in the middle as a satisfying bonus. Frontman Brad continues his evolution into a Harry Styles doppleganger (note the plaid shirt unbuttoned past his chest)…and makes singing “to my homegirls with the big butts/shakin it like we at the strip club” sound pretty and cool.

Headed to @ssmf to see @bewareofdarkness at 3:00. Then going down to Anaheim to see @exotype at Chain Reaction. If you haven’t checked out these bands you’re missing out!!

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TV: First Look at Hayley Atwell on ‘Agents of SHIELD’

Take a look at Peggy Carter in action! TV Guide has released the first image of Hayley Atwell in character from the season 2 premiere of ABC’s “Agents of SHIELD.” In the picture we see Atwell holding a gun with other agents in what is clearly a flashback scene. Peggy Carter is…

Not many bands can build such a legion of American fans without releasing any music in said country, but put them on the bill a worldwide tour with the mega-popular boyband One Direction (debatably the biggest platform in pop music), and the fans will flock. Enter 5 Seconds of Summer’s live American debut.

Aussie pop rockers 5 Seconds of Summer might as well be renamed Emo Militia, with their army of fangirls (both from before the 1d tour and after—but be wary of  that fan feud) and sound that could fit in the late 2000s era of pop punk, both nostalgic fun and a little melodrama. They bring a little grit and cheek to the boy band scene, rocking out on their own instruments and delivering a hyper active sound heavy in drums and guitar riffs. 

The general appeal lies in their talent and is accentuated by their fresh faces and humor that would make my mother blush, and it’s hard not to be sucked in. 

A few weeks ago, I saw the band open for One Direction in Chicago. They created a buzzing energy on stage during their quick set, thrilling the audience of girls with their sexy guitar saunters to side stage…and when you think hot drummer, you see Ashton Irwin. A couple rows in front of me there were a pair of girls absolutely losing it over 5sos, screaming the lyrics and practically dying over their set. Behind me, young girls started literally sobbing the moment the boys came on stage. Comparing this to nearly two years ago when I saw One Direction open for Big Time Rush in Chicago, and that lasting, passionate fan love is present with 5sos as well. 

It’s difficult to tell if 5 Seconds of Summer will maintain this extent of popularity when they are done inadvertently piggybacking on One Direction mania, but if they keep developing their own identity and music, they should have no problem keeping their name in the industry (and running from fangirls)—whether that means going down the bubblegum pop path or forging their own revival of punk pop. 

Listen to my favorite 5 Seconds of Summer, “Try Hard” track here: 

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Song of the night: Lewis Watson “Windows”

I fell in love with Lewis Watson after someone said he sounded like a mix between Ed Sheeran and Harry Styles—so I was immediately curious. His songs are acoustic, sweet and put me into some melancholy mood, as if I’ve experienced the things he sings about. His voice is soothingly rough and his lyrics are sweet and sad and wonderful. 

I was stoked to hear he was coming to America for a few shows…but of course that only means stops in LA and NYC. It’s annoying how artists don’t stop in the midwest, considering Chicago is such a big city and has a thriving music scene as well. But hopefully he will announce a tour throughout the states as soon as possible, because listening and watching him strum on his guitar through the smoke of Schubas is kind of a dream of mine. 

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TV: Austin Butler Joins ‘Arrow’ as Thea’s New Love Interest

Austin Butler is the latest actor to join “Arrow” as a love interest for young Thea Queen (Willa Holland) according to TVLine. Butler’s recurring character is named Chase. He is a very skilled DJ who catches Thea’s eye. She hires him to work at her club, but she may have …

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Watch: Anna Kendrick Sings in First ‘The Last 5 Years’ Clip

Fresh off its debut at the Toronto International Film Festival and distribution deal with TWC-RADiUS, the first clip from musical adaptation “The Last 5 Years” has been released. In the Richard LaGravenese adaptation of the Jason Robert Brown musical, Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan…