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Every given moment, Harry is with Jeff. Seriously I don't understand how this doesn't faze you (all of you so-called believers) at all. Louis was seen on the plain to Vegas even if there are no pics of him there. I really don't understand why the mere idea that H could be with Jeff is so monstrous to you.

Ohhhhhh mmmmyyyyyy goddddddddddddddd

Does everyone see this? Do you see it? Do you?!?! This person should be working in politics if they’re this good at twisting facts and throwing out overly aggressive buzzwords.

Harry has lunch with his (by all accounts, completely straight) friend and a third person on a day off and he’s suddenly “with Jeff every given moment.” Louis’ not seen for days so he’s suddenly clearly in Las Vegas even though this anon openly admits that no one has actually seen him there. This anon doesn’t understand how it doesn’t faze me that Harry had lunch with his friend and a third person who was at the table with them! And because I don’t give any weight to the fully unsubstantiated rumours about Harry and his friend (whose father just so happens to be Irving Azoff, the man who is likely positioning himself to take over the management of the band that Harry’s in), because I don’t believe that they’re dating, then I think the “mere idea” of them being together is monstrous! MONSTROUS!!!

One more time, read that again. MONSTROUS. Because I think that the ideas that are shoved into my inbox (completely unsolicited and unwanted) on a daily basis are unfounded and ridiculous, because I’ve never once in my life heard anything that even remotely backs up these people’s claims and I therefore choose to believe they’re just pairing Harry off with whichever mid-twenties semi attractive man that he happens to be sitting next to, because they don’t seem to have any proof whatsoever that these two are anything other than friends, because apparently getting lunch together or instagramming photos of each other suddenly equals a relationship, because these people are saying it’s obvious that they’re dating despite the fact that they literally know so little about Jeff that they’ve never even heard him speak and despite the fact that these people know nothing about the way he and Harry behave together beyond what they’ve seen in completely platonic-looking still photographs, because I don’t believe that Harry is dating Jeff Azoff, then I obviously think that the mere idea of them being together is monstrous.

Wow. And now that I’ve made myself abundantly clear how I feel about Hazoff, can you people please stop sending me messages like this ten times a day? It’s obviously started to get on my nerves. I don’t come to your blog and try to convince you of anything.

Ship what you want to ship. I literally do not give one single shit if you want to believe that Harry’s dating Jeff Azoff or Nick Grimshaw or Cara Delevingne or the fucking sock under his bed and his own right hand. I don’t care. I won’t try to convince you otherwise. That’s your prerogative. But please, please stop coming to my blog to try and convince me with aggressive messages like this or I’m just going to start blocking the whole lot of you. Thanks.

Gravity Falls-Exploration Fascination


so I wrote it

oh my god why do my friends encourage me to do this shit

Title: Exploration Fascination

Fandom: Gravity Falls 


Genre: PWP

Summary: Once in the body, Bill gets handsy with Dipper. Takes place in Sock Opera. BILLDIP I GUESS.

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Hey so, tomorrow is the day Rin moves to California!!
You bet I’m super excited and pumped!
This is gonna be a whoooole new chapter for the both of us!

O’course I needed to write a little thing for our friends (both old AND new), that tagged along on our little journey 2 years ago to even just recently: thank you soooo much for supporting us both! For being friends with the both of us and being super  sweet and nice to send us both positive vibes and really wonderful compliments on our relationship!
I hope you’ll all stick around to see us take on this new journey together!
♡ ♡ ♡ ♡


airyairyquitecontrary replied to your post: HA HA HA IT’S FUNNY IT’S FUNNY HOW USA…

I do get the impression that the writers have a memory reset, apart from the basic scenario, between seasons. Like I would be AMAZED if any of them remembered Dimand’s assault on her back in R, or saw a parallel.

I’d be amazed if anyone responsible for this moment did any thinking whatsoever.

But you know, for as awful as it is (SO SO AWFUL), it’s actually a kind of perfect microcosm of everything fucked up in how the creators have been handling the Usagi and Seiya relationship.

I’ve talked a hell of a lot about this already (see here for the latest example) but the creators are so entirely invested in Seiya’s viewpoint that nothing else matters at all. The narrative is emphatically, repeatedly, showing that any resistance on Usagi’s part is foolish and wrong. WHENEVER she puts her foot down and says no, something in the story comes back to refute her. Seiya themselves saying she’s being unduly harsh and cold and getting the last word on that always. Her friends getting upset with her for being mean to Seiya. Side characters giving tacit approval for Seiya’s quest (which is codified as “make Usagi yours”). Now this entire scenario being just a huge hilarious misunderstanding on Usagi’s part.

They are working so hard to force Seiya’s case, and it’s at the expense of exactly that case.

I really do think this season is exceptionally well done EXCEPT FOR THIS. This is such a colossal fuck up in every possible way, it’s almost perplexing how much of a fuck up it is. Even in the small details, this season is actually kind of awesome. I was just lauding how it’s treating Usagi’s separation from Mamoru, and I stand by that; I think it’s doing it in a delightfully complicated but very realistic way. Last episode I was applauding how clever I felt it was with prolonging the conflict in a way that’s natural and character-driven, which can sometimes be a struggle for the show due to its formula. It’s been amazingly on-point time and time and time again with characters in both large and small ways. It’s had fuck ups besides just how it’s handling Seiya, of course (LOOKING AT YOU EPISODE 178), but by and large, it’s been amazing, and I’m not even counting the Nehellenia arc, which might just be Sailor Moon at its very best.

But then THIS, and just don’t know why.

They’re pushing this relationship so hard that despite what I said in my opening statement, I can’t believe no one realizes how dramatically they’re wrecking it. And it’s not even endgame, it failed before it even began, and they KNOW this. So they’re shoving this broken thing at everyone, breaking it more in the process, when they know it’s doomed to go nowhere.

I just don’t get anything about that. Yet there it is.