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"Skorri." Lien knocked twice on Skorri’s door, only to end up pushing it open. It wasn’t locked.

No matter how depressed someone may be, it wasn’t safe to spend the night with an open door, anyone could enter, just like how Lien is intruding right now. She heard the news and… let’s just say she knows how someone feels when a close love one dies. 

"Skorri, you left the door open."

Jawbone UP3

Want the health and fitness benefits of the upcoming Apple Watch right now?  From the company who brought you awesome products like the Jambox MINI comes the UP3 from Jawbone. It monitors your sleep, heart rate, distance traveled and more. Use your phone to measure your activity levels and keep track of your health in a positive way. Did we mention it also functions as a stylish bracelet?

Buy it: Jawbone.com

Hat zufällig jemand hier Erfahrungen mit dem Activity Tracker “UP3” von Jawbone? Oder kann mir ein anderes Modell empfehlen, welches über ähnliche Funktionen verfügt?
Überlege mir diesen zuzulegen. Hätte allerdings gerne einige Erfahrungsberichte aus 1. Hand.

Freue mich über jede Info!


UP3 by Jawbone: The World’s Most Advanced Tracker


UP3 by Jawbone

Jawbone UP3 fitness tracker won’t be under your Christmas tree

Jawbone UP3 fitness tracker won’t be under your Christmas tree

GEORGIA: We have got some deplorable news if you were expecting to find the Jawbone UP3 fitness tracker under your Christmas tree. According to an incipient story from Wearable, the contrivance won’t be launching until early 2015.

Jawbone will be missing out on the bump in revenues from holiday sales of its incipient flagship product entirely, it has been reported. The Up3, launched at the…

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