Jupiter Madden | Codename: Sharpshooter | 30 years old | Human | Agent | FC: Jewel Staite | OPEN

Jupiter had always been interested in war and weaponry. Her mother said they were not things little girls should be interested in, but her father encouraged it. When his wife wasn’t home, he would watch gory movies with his daughter, and this led to them developing a strong bond. Instead of playing house, Jupiter would always want to play war or cops and robbers, and her school was concerned by her behavior, but her father brushed it off. 

As she grew up, she learned how to hunt and shoot, and she also became interested in joining the military. In high school, she talked to a recruiter and decided to sign up. She went to boot camp after graduation and excelled. During her service, she never saw combat, which she was disappointed about, but she was happy to be able to return home unwounded. During her time away, her father had grown ill, and she learned that he would most likely not recover. Devastated, she swore to never leave him again. He died a year later on Jupiter’s birthday. She was twenty-four. 

Without her father, Jupiter was lost. She didn’t know what to do, and her mother was also distraught, giving Jupiter no one to turn to. She looked to the local shooting range and got a job selling guns, but it wasn’t what she wanted to do. She wanted to go back to the military and do something meaningful with her life. While on vacation in New York, she was given a chance.

It was the Battle of New York, and Jupiter was stuck in the middle of it. Aliens were flying overhead and Avengers were fighting right in front of her. She saw everything, and when an alien crashed not ten feet from her, she decided to help stop the destruction. She went into battle mode and grabbed a Centauri weapon. She started shooting Centaurians out of the sky, and SHIELD took notice of her skills. She wasn’t contacted for months, but when they offered her a position, she took it immediately.

Since joining SHIELD, Jupiter has become a weapons expert and has worked closely with others to help design new weapons. She currently works at the academy in New York, but she doesn’t live on campus like some of the other agents. She doesn’t mind working at the academy, but she prefers to be at the real SHIELD headquarters. She’d much rather be doing something in the city than standing around the university, but most of time, she can be found doing just that. She’s part of the security team, and her job is to keep the students and staff safe. She also teaches some classes on weapons to interested agents and students alike. 

People who she knows:

From her time on campus, Jupiter has come to know many people, but she is not particularly close with anyone.


Part two is up, & I prove how great at blind puzzle gameplay I can be!