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In the present studies THC as well as its metabolic product 11-OH THC were studied in regard to their effects in vivo and in vitro on selected parameters of the immune response system known to be important in antiviral resistance, including immunity to retroviruses… it was apparent that these cannabinoids had immunomodulatory effects… at noncytotoxic small doses and impaired the ability of the lymphoid cells to express immune function necessary for antiviral resistance.
—  H Friedman et al., Dept of Medical Microbiology & Immunology, Unv S Florida, College of Medicine, Tampa

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meil on käänteissynttärit, oon syntyny 10.6.


Empowerment Post

        Racism existed 200 years ago and still exists today. It needs to be put to an end. 200 years ago people did not have try to stop it, but now we have many groups that try to stop it. Some groups get volunteers to spread the word about stopping racism, some ask group members to make activities to aware people, and others will do artwork to aware people of racism. Groups try to aware people of racism, so they can stop it when they see it.

       The United Nations Volunteers (UNV), do volunteer work for a variety of different things. They have volunteer events all over the planet. One of the volunteer events that happened in August of 2014 was called “Youth against racism and for peace”. (http://www.unv.org/en/what-we-do/thematic-areas/marginalized-groups/doc/youth-against-racism-and.html) It took place in Brazil where graffiti artists made artwork about “Black Youth against Racism and for Peace” to display on International Youth Day. In this example, the UNV used artwork as their way of awaring people of modern day racism. To volunteer at one of UNV’s events, you can click this link, http://www.unv.org/en/how-to-volunteer.html.

       The YWCA of Greater is a group that is a member of the National YWCA and World YWCA. It has opportunities for volunteer work, but also donations. For stopping racism, each year they host a venue and have volunteers do something to aware people of racism today. (http://ywcalawrence.org/getting-involved/events/stand-against-racism/) One year they had children and their staff do skits acting out before and after situations someone may experience on a day to day basis. In this example, the YWCA showed people of racism by doing activities. To get involved with the YWCA you can click here, http://ywcalawrence.org/getting-involved/annual-appeal/. After clicking the link, it gives you multiple options on the left side to get involved.

       The examples that I gave above, are groups that try to end racism. There are different groups who try stop racism in different ways. Racism should not still be around after many, many years, so get involved in an organization to stop racism!

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Ahahah. Hmmm hirap pag may jowa na unv mahal mo. Tae!

Oo naman mahirap makipag kumpitensya! Ano ba namang laban ko na Minahal lang Kita kesa sa Taong Mahal mo. Mga ganyang Linya!. Sakit lang! Pero kaya mo yan anonskie!

Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes

Rajnikant V/s CID Jokes

High-Profile Case

Posted: 21 May 2015 03:12 AM PDT

Nirbhaya incident has been repeated once again but this time the location
has changed from Delhi to Dharamshala, a city in Himachal Pradesh. The
incident involves four senior students of Dharamshala…

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An Armed Man Robbed A Lady At SBI ATM, No Security Guard Present; CCTV
Recording Reveals It All

Posted: 21 May 2015 02:54 AM PDT

News comes from Hyderabad where an alarming CCTV recording featuring a guy
carrying weapon came into light. The man is accused of threatening as well
as robbing a lady at an ATM. The incident took…

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What Happens When You Leave Your Facebook Account Open To Predators? This

Posted: 21 May 2015 02:41 AM PDT

When in office, I prefer not to leave Facebook open in my desktop simply
because people here are more interested and intrigued to know about my
social profile. What I chat with my boyfriend, or about…

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He Is The Most Frustrated Forever Alone Guy On This Planet - Check Out All

Posted: 20 May 2015 04:15 PM PDT

Every guy needs a girlfriend in his life but before he tries to fix himself
in her heart but he either gets friend zoned or gets rejected. No one like
to live without partner but there is frustrated…

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9 Pictures Which Show How Boys And Girls Behave After Break-Up

Posted: 20 May 2015 04:00 PM PDT

Daily some couple break up because of silly things and disrespecting each
other. It starts with a Facebook conversation then meeting almost 5-10
times and then the guy proposing the girl and girl…

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10 Strange Smelling Perfumes That Exist In The World

Posted: 20 May 2015 03:58 PM PDT

Love that smell of bacon, sushi or orgy? Enjoy them in the form of
fragnance which you never thought would exist. Right from the burger smell
to that smell of crisp newspapers here are some smelling…

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To Be Moms Of Bollywood In 2015

Posted: 20 May 2015 03:51 PM PDT

Hearty congratulations to the beautiful ladies who are expecting to deliver
babies in 2105. So it’s a new list to be introduced with some cute new born
babies. Parenthood and mommy hood is a great…

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Bollywoods 10 Most Embarrassing Moments Caught On Camera

Posted: 20 May 2015 03:43 PM PDT

We all have seen Bollywood stars with a perfect stardom outfits, those
clean makeup and their eye catching photo poses. But it is not always the
same, have we every observed there are many…

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10 Shocking & Unexpected Things That Are Even Dirtier Than Toilets

Posted: 20 May 2015 03:38 PM PDT

As soon as the toilet word crosses my ears, the mind assumes it to be the
most unhygienic and dirtiest places to be considered of. Toilet has set the
mid set for its dirty qualities in ever man and…

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14 Funny Captioned Pack Photos Of KRK Which Will Make You Go ROFL

Posted: 20 May 2015 03:24 PM PDT

Kamaal Rashid Khan better known as KRK is the most hilarious guy on the
social media. KRK being an actor receives abusive comments across social
media because of his non-sense posts against some…

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ASUS EeeBook E403SA promises 12 hours of video streaming per charge ASUS has unv...

ASUS EeeBook E403SA promises 12 hours of video streaming per charge ASUS has unveiled its new EeeBook E403SA notebook that is designed to be a thin and lightweight performer. The notebook has an aluminum design that looks a lot like something Apple would make. One of the biggest features for the notebook is long battery life; ASUS claims that the EeeBook can last for 13 hours per charge when streaming video … Continue reading June 01, 2015 at 12:06PM By Samy Mohab

ASUS EeeBook E403SA promises 12 hours of video streaming per charge - SlashGear
  I.T MAN’s Facebook Wall ASUS EeeBook E403SA promises 12 hours of video streaming per charge ASUS has unv…

7/5、「西浦謙助プレゼンツ 昼のNISHIURA NIGHT vol.1」に出演します。

7/5(sun) 渋谷7th FLOOR










・ベース:ナガイケジョー(SCOOBIE  DO)



・畠山健嗣(H Mountains)



( adapted from this post & this post )

001; What’s the story behind her name?

Poppy. An english name meaning flower, derived from the red blossom that shares the same name. A flower used throughout Europe to represent the great losses that occurred in the First World War, a flower the girl has pinned to her lapel each year in memory of the war her grandfathers fought in, a flower her father planted in their garden in England when she first came home from the hospital, still swaddled in blankets, skin fresh and pink. But her name did not derive specifically from the flower itself. It derived from her mother’s love of fairies and all things magical. She was named for the famed flower fairies illustrations done by Cicely Mary Baker, illustrations that her mother had had as a child, like trading cards, each with a lovely poem inscribed in the back. In an attempt to do this love justice, her mother passed the name of her favorite faerie onto her daughter. Her middle name, Eleanor, was given by her father, as it’s the name of his mother and he wanted to pass something onto the child as well.

002; How vivid is her memory? Describe some memories.

She has a fairly strong memory, able to retain scenes from her childhood, as well as being very adept at memorizing facts from textbooks for exams. She’s also very good at remembering little details, such as the names of old friends, and things that were brought up in conversations days ago. She often brings these details up when speaking to people, asking them questions about the exam they’d been stressing over last week, curious to know how it went. Some of her best memories are from her childhood, the days spent in bliss with her parents before cancer came into the picture and flipped her world upside down. She remembers tennis matches, and her parents both attending and cheering her on. She remembers her father watching football matches on the couch, and her next to him, pretending to love the sport though really just loving how excited her father got about it. She remembers her mother teaching her to bake, the burn she got on her wrist the first time she accidentally set her arm down on the stovetop. And most of all she remembers the stories her parents told her, each more beautiful than the last, painting her childhood in shades of rose.

003; What does she do when she’s not at home? Where does she go most often?

Though Poppy rarely goes out, preferring the comfort of home over the unpredictable nature of social outings, she doesn’t stay cooped up in her bedroom all day. Besides going to school, which she does diligently, trying not to miss anymore days than she has to, and going to the hospital for her numerous visits and rounds of chemo, the girl also makes trips to the library, finding comfort in the dark corners and silence, and the beach, enjoying the cold waves and the solitude. She’s known for spending hours in the library, pouring over her study materials and attempting to finish her work without interruption. There’s a specific table in the back that she loves, as it’s made from a dark wood, sits just near a wide window, and is hidden away in enough of a maze of bookshelves that she doesn’t fear being interrupted there. At the beach she enjoys reading, laying back in the sand and enjoying watching the people around her when she loses focus on her book. She also enjoys taking walks on the beach in the mornings and evenings, a cup of coffee or hot chocolate in her hands. Often she goes on these walks with her father, a comfortable silence falling between the two as they enjoy each other’s company.

004; How does she speak? Give an example.

Her voice is nearly musical in quality, like the soft hum of a cello. Around groups of people it’s always a bit softer than it should be, the words a quiet symphony attempting to escape her lips, and in presentations in front of classes she has a tendency to clam up, preferring to say nothing rather than the wrong thing. Because of this she must prepare these presentations perfectly, memorizing every line she needs to say in order to articulate them perfectly. Around good friends, though, she’s louder, allowing the symphony to play at full blast. Of course all her words are doused in a thick British accent, and often British slang makes its way into her speech, altering her words and oftentimes confusing her friends.

“Oh, rubbish,” the girl muttered under her breath, eyes shifting from her calculator to the answer the textbook was giving her. “Bloody — How do they expect us to understand this? I did everything correctly, to the last…,” a blush colors her cheeks as she realizes a mistyped number is her only error. “Oh. Well, it’s not my fault. My caffeine’s worn off, that’s all.”

005; How does she love?

Fully, unconditionally, wholly. She falls in love slowly, cautious not because she’s afraid of getting her own heart broken, but because she fears hurting another. It’s not so much falling for Poppy, as it is walking into love. Because for her it isn’t a moment that makes her fall for someone, but a series of moments — a stream of little things, the way their eyebrows crinkle when they concentrate, the way they can’t help but to smile at certain things, how they act around their family, the little moments she’s had with them. And yes, she can be quite oblivious to others having feelings for her, choosing to believe that they’re affection is merely friendship, but she can also be oblivious to her own feelings, or rather realize them but wish they weren’t there, try to push them down and forget about them. But once she is in love, she’s all in, doing everything to be the quintessential perfect girlfriend, and hoping that she can be enough.

006; What does her bedroom look like?

Poppy’s bedroom is minimalistic, as she doesn’t feel a need for a large number of material possessions, and she feels guilty each time her parents buy her something she deems unnecessary. Her bed is covered in grey sheets with a soft pink quilt on top that her grandmother made her and a collection of pillows on top of that. She loves her bed, and loves sleep — if she were to list her favorite hobbies, sleep would inevitably be on there, along with reading, tennis, baking, and playing with her cats. There’s a large window in her room, flooding it with natural light when the dark shades aren’t drawn. There’s also a bookcase that’s overflowing, a closet that is perfectly organized, and a thin layer of cat hair over every item in the room. Her cats often sleep in her room either cuddled up with her in bed protectively in the night, or laying out in the sun during the day.

007; Would she consider herself to be a Type A or a Type B personality?

Poppy is Type A to a T, and she herself recognizes this, first realizing it in a psychology class she took sophomore year when the students were required to take certain personality tests. This personality type reveals itself especially in the classroom environment, where her ambition and competitive nature come out in full swing. This results in her oftentimes being overly stressed and anxious over her grades, spending far too much time studying than necessary, and is a contributing factor to her perfectionist tendencies.