it’s been so long we hadn’t long running Myus that going through a cast change is making me feels weird… I’m not used to it anymore lol

Yeah, Mercury changed from La Reconquista to Petite Étrangère, but this time it’s a collective graduation, like going through a new Stage in the old days.

And I always have these mixed feels between

Nooooooo I don’t want you to leave !


OMG who’s gonna be next? what will these new performers bring?

The cast ad stories are so good and strong, I really hope they keep going until Dream (imagine Myu-Helios!!) and Stars!

Tidal literally just ended up increasing Spotify’s popularity lol


Two weeks after Tidal briefly cracked the U.S. iPhone top 20 download chart, the app has crashed out of the top 700. Apparently American consumers have limited empathy towards Beyonce and Nicki. Soon after the launch fiasco, Tidal’s CEO was kicked out in a “streamlining” move.  The new CEO Peter Tonstad, a former consultant for the Norwegian Ministry of Environment, has his work cut out for him.

To make matters worse for Tidal, its main rivals are now surging. On April 20th, Pandora and Spotify occupied positions No. 3 and No. 4 on the U.S. iPhone revenue chart, respectively. This was the first time two music streaming services have hit the top 4 in sales simultaneously. In order to achieve the feat, Pandora and Spotify had to push out Candy Crush Saga out of U.S. iPhone top 4 revenue chart, which is a remarkable achievement.

As a matter of fact, something curious can be seen in Spotify’s download performance right after Tidal media campaign started bashing its allegedly meager payouts. Spotify surged back into the iPad Top 40 download chart on March 31st, right when Tidal’s anti-Spotify invective hit fever peak in American media. This had not happened since November 2014.

It looks like Tidal’s attacks on Spotify and Pandora actually managed to increase public awareness of the services, boosting particularly Spotify’s download performance at the end of March. And now, a few weeks later, the combined revenue performance of the two music apps is hitting a new milestone. To add insult to injury, Beats Music has started cracking U.S. iPhone top 20 revenue chart.

#Wolfpack #UNV you guys rock! Had me tripping think y'all didn’t like me with the blank faces. Lol but you guys got into it! We even made a beat together! Thank you for having me over to talk about #hiphop and #producing people thought nobody would show up but we proved them wrong! #Nevada loves HipHop!! Tomorrow we is the live show! Make sure you tag yourself!! #nerdflow #professor #collegelife #tgif #lecture #motivational #inspiration #nerdlife (at University of Nevada, Reno)

Yavuz Sultan Selim (Hadim-ül Haremeyn) kavuğundaki tavus kuşu tüyünün hikmeti
Yavuz Sultan Selim Han'ın Kavuğunda ki 3 adet tüy Kabe'nin içi süpürülürken kullanılan Tavus Kuşu tüyleridir.  Mısır'ı fethedip Kutsal emanetler ile İstanbul'a dönerken bu tüyleri de yanına getirtmiş ve başına tac etmiştir.

Hadim-ül Haremeyniş Şerefeyn olmak o kadar kolay değildir. Büyük bir hizmet gerektiren bu iş ancak Kabeyi temizlerken kullanılan Tavus Kuşu tüylerini başına takarak güzel ifade edilebilirdi. Bunu ilk başlatan Sultan Selim Han idi. Biz hizmetçisiyiz diyordu Kabe'nin bu yüzden taktık diyordu sarığımıza bu tüyleri.

1518'de Yavuz Sultan Selim'in Mısır'ı fethetmesiyle zamânın Mekke Emîri Şerif Berekât, Yavuz Sultan Selim Hân'a Kâbe-i Şerîf'in anahtarlarını teslîm etmiş ve böylece Yavuz, Sultanı “Hâkimü'l-Haremeyn” unvânıyla anmıştı. Yavuz Selim Hân tevâzu göstererek bu unvânı “Hâdimü'l-Haremeyn” olarak değiştirdi. Bundan sonra da Osmanlı Sultanları, tüm yeryüzü Müslümanlarının lîderi olarak son halîfe Abdülmecid Efendi'ye kadar bu unvânı taşımışlardı. Haremeyn hizmetçiliği unvânını öylesine benimsemişlerdi ki, başlarındaki kavukların tam ortasına, mücevherlerin arasına yerleştirdikleri süpürgeyi andıran tavus kuşu tüyleri, Kâbe'yi süpüren süpürgelerdi. Hizmetçiliğin sembolü olarak bu süpürgeleri mücevherlerin arasına yerleştirerek kavuklarına sorguç diye takıyorlardı.

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