Last month we shared a story about a territorial owl in Salem, OR who was dive-bombing unsuspecting park joggers passing through its turf. Today we’ve learned about another unusual owl who seeks out people, this time apparently as a sign of affection. Meet the “Cuddly Owl of Noordeinde,” a stunning eagle owl who’s lately been surprising villagers in the Dutch town of Noordeinde by gently landing on the heads of passersby.

The large and handsome owl is surprisingly careful to not use his talons when making these cranial landings. After alighting on someone’s head the owl simply perches there for a minute or so before flying off in search of a new landing spot.

Some Noordeinde residents suspect the owl may have escaped from an aviary in Oosterwolde, which might help explain his extraordinary tameness. Birders and photographers from around the country are flocking to the town (sorry, not sorry) to catch sight of this remarkable raptor.

“Whilst photographing the owl, it did try to land one my head once,” said Shaefer to NL Times. “However, as soon as I lifted my camera to get a shot, the owl flew onto my neighbor standing by my side.”

Click here to watch a video of the Cuddly Owl in action.

[via Bored Panda and NLTimes]

anonymous asked:

I love the gifs you use! Do you have a favorite? Or maybe one you never get to pull out for replies?

Oh my god, thank you!! :D I’m so happy that you enjoy my gifs! I kind of collect them like a madwoman, so it’s nice to know that people enjoy seeing them on their dashes. 

When it comes to ones that I never get to use for replies, akjdhaskjdhkasjhdkjash yes!!! I have loads of gifs that I just ADORE but I never get to use, and here are a smattering:

Some of them are not generally applicable to most situations: 

Then there are the ones that are kinda mean-spirited, so I never get to whip them out:

Some of them are of awesome things that are nice to look at but not very useful as responses to things:

Aaaaand then there are a few that are just really, really weird:

… yeaaaaaaah, that last one. O_O

Thank you so much for asking! Sorry for the spam, everyone. <3 I got excited!


(via https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wTJO3O3UacU)

Due to the nature of this very jerky stylised choreography, the dance routine is not dissimilar to the original version, the music is recognisable also which is quite strange, but the main reason I wanted to post this is the concept of reversing a complete video and seeing what it looks like. 

For my Procon work I did reverse a couple of clips and played around manipulating speed and also using effects but I would be quite interested to film someone walking around (and other “normal” tasks) around and then reverse the footage to see how natural or unnatural it appears. I would quite like to make some more unusual GIFs, or at least research into many styles to really open my eyes to what is possible and what is already out there and how I can be influenced for my own work.

Version 155


os x



I had a good week, although due to fixing some development problems and some IRL stuff, I only had about half the normal time to actually code. I have fixed an array of bugs, and I think my ability to make Linux releases is back to normal.


So, I reinstalled Linux to my laptop and got all the libraries and build scripts working again. I am not sure if today’s release is completely good, so if you regularly run the Linux executable, please let me know if you run into problems. I have noticed that the hover window code is buggy, and possibly also the options dialog. I will work on these next week.

full list

  • fixed a frame seek error when looping long and/or large gifs with unusual palettes
  • improved recovery when fps reads as 0 on videos
  • added error detection and graceful recovery and reporting for missing ActiveX flash control
  • removed a lot of old imported messaging code that was slowing down boot
  • removed some other old library imports that are no longer needed
  • gracefully silenced ‘application shutdown’ daemon errors (they were previously spamming to console)
  • fixed a hover window display check that was sometimes spamming linux with edge-case errors
  • slideshows will now pause while the right-click menu is open, stopping bizarre full program crashes occuring on many menu items while slideshow was in progress
  • fixed a thread_id-sqlite-cache_initialisation problem that was breaking tag archive sync
  • harmonised copy/paste tag protocol in manage tags dialog with 'copy all tags’ of the tags list
  • removed some old messaging code in client db creation

next week

I would love to do some ratings stuff, as I hoped to last week. I have seven things in my 'emergency bugs’ to-do, though, so that might cut into my time. I’m hoping just for a normal week, as the subsequent week might have no release due to IRL commitments.