Last month we shared a story about a territorial owl in Salem, OR who was dive-bombing unsuspecting park joggers passing through its turf. Today we’ve learned about another unusual owl who seeks out people, this time apparently as a sign of affection. Meet the “Cuddly Owl of Noordeinde,” a stunning eagle owl who’s lately been surprising villagers in the Dutch town of Noordeinde by gently landing on the heads of passersby.

The large and handsome owl is surprisingly careful to not use his talons when making these cranial landings. After alighting on someone’s head the owl simply perches there for a minute or so before flying off in search of a new landing spot.

Some Noordeinde residents suspect the owl may have escaped from an aviary in Oosterwolde, which might help explain his extraordinary tameness. Birders and photographers from around the country are flocking to the town (sorry, not sorry) to catch sight of this remarkable raptor.

“Whilst photographing the owl, it did try to land one my head once,” said Shaefer to NL Times. “However, as soon as I lifted my camera to get a shot, the owl flew onto my neighbor standing by my side.”

Click here to watch a video of the Cuddly Owl in action.

[via Bored Panda and NLTimes]


Top 10 Most Unusual Hotels on TripAdvisor

Unique design properties with creative interiors, outstanding hotel conversions, and high-tech hideaways in spectacular natural settings – we’ve hunted down 10 of the most unusual hotels on TripAdvisor.

The following list confirms that some hotels are indeed much more than just a place to rest your head. They’re mood setters, architectural marvels, and experiences onto themselves.

  1. Spitbank Fort
  2. The Manta Underwater Room
  3. Cap Rocat
  4. The Eagles View Suite at Iso-Syote Hotel
  5. Brewhouse Inn & Suites
  6. Eko Hotel LeapRus
  7. BaseCamp Bonn
  8. Nothofagus Hotel & Spa
  9. Treehotel
  10. Whitepod

Airplane Suite

Run by Hotel Suites, a company known for offering unique and unusual stays throughout Belgium and the Netherlands, the Airplane Suite is an East German aircraft turned into luxury accommodation for two. Located next to Teuge Airport, the quirky hotel comes with its own infrared sauna and Jacuzzi, and provides guests with top-notch kitchen facilities, an elegant dining area, and a mini bar. High-tech features include 3 flat-screen TVs, Blu-ray DVD player with an ample collection of DVDs, and free Wi-Fi. To make the experience even more intriguing, the cockpit area has been left intact.



Today the Department of Atypical Taxidermy is exploring the unconventional creations of taxidermists Corin Teeters and Ryan Hoffman at Teeters’ Taxidermy Studio in Halifax, PA. Teeters has been in the business of stuffing and mounting animals for 20 years. In addition to plenty of traditional work, he and his partner enjoy unusual custom projects turning ex-squirrels into all sorts of characters, including dancing ballerinas, boisterous bikers, industrious carpenters and their latest creation: a pair of dueling Jedi and Sith Squirrels, complete with light-up lightsabers.

Teeters tells BuzzFeed that working in a small shop enables them to get more creative with their profession:

“We get to do a little more artsy stuff and have fun with it,” he said. “Pretty much, if you can think it up, we can do it,” he said.

Squirrel projects such as these take an average of ten to twelve weeks to complete. So far the shop has done about 30 different pieces. The Star Wars squirrels are currently available for purchase on eBay.

[via Neatorama and BuzzFeed]