I’ve just discovered calm.com
and I just want to share with anyone who is stressed in finals week, has panic attacks, or are just needing a moment to relax in your day. 
It’s got guided meditations with different time increments of how long you would like to meditate + calming nature sounds and music and I’m lovingggg it. 


1940s “How to Apply Makeup”


'Twas a good week after all!

MON - Eatsumo lunch. Combo A = Heavenly Universe.

TUES - had our kire/vanity day and i wore clothes and high wedges na hindi mo aakalaing susuotin ko. Dami nagsabing bagay daw sakin!! kilig much. but NO, i told them ‘back to normal’ na ako kinabukasan. shirts + pants/shorts + slippers ulit. next time na lang yung mga bongga. 

WED -had our Bio 2 & 3 QuizCon at success na success naming inexecute ang aming intermission number with my sis, Presh—— “Jeepney Lovestory”. Biruin mong nakapagintermission kami sa harap ng mga estudyante sa BioSci??! It was an honor! :”“”>

THURS -had our orientation. ang soyo soyo loong. :D and we (orgmates and orientees) all watched the flying lanterns together. ang romantic nga eeeh. :”> parang Tangold. 


I'm so bored I'm going to make my own calendar.

Why do I have nothing to do.
Why am I so unstressed.
Then again, it’s a good thing I guess.
Not that I’m complaining or anything.
Just watch my give up halfway LOL.

a lot of my life has been spent worrying about money and i am just really really feelin good this year. i can afford meds and therapy and i am not worried about how we;re gonna pay the mortgage and i even have my own bank account.