I’ve just discovered calm.com
and I just want to share with anyone who is stressed in finals week, has panic attacks, or are just needing a moment to relax in your day. 
It’s got guided meditations with different time increments of how long you would like to meditate + calming nature sounds and music and I’m lovingggg it. 


this is the best vine account i have ever seen 


‘Twas a good week after all!

MON - Eatsumo lunch. Combo A = Heavenly Universe.

TUES - had our kire/vanity day and i wore clothes and high wedges na hindi mo aakalaing susuotin ko. Dami nagsabing bagay daw sakin!! kilig much. but NO, i told them 'back to normal’ na ako kinabukasan. shirts + pants/shorts + slippers ulit. next time na lang yung mga bongga. 

WED -had our Bio 2 & 3 QuizCon at success na success naming inexecute ang aming intermission number with my sis, Presh—- “Jeepney Lovestory”. Biruin mong nakapagintermission kami sa harap ng mga estudyante sa BioSci??! It was an honor! :“”“>

THURS -had our orientation. ang soyo soyo loong. :D and we (orgmates and orientees) all watched the flying lanterns together. ang romantic nga eeeh. :”> parang Tangold. 



just listen to this as soon as you wake up every day and you’ll probably be feeling much more #positive 

I'm so bored I'm going to make my own calendar.

Why do I have nothing to do.
Why am I so unstressed.
Then again, it’s a good thing I guess.
Not that I’m complaining or anything.
Just watch my give up halfway LOL.

  • me:hoe don't do it
  • New Music® composer:[writes ill-prepared vocal leaps larger than an octave]
  • me:hoe d--
  • New Music® composer:[puts nasal vowels and/or schwas in high registers or directly in the passaggio]
  • me:but
  • New Music® composer:[writes horrifically-unidiomatic runs]
  • me:hey
  • New Music® composer:[understands literally nothing about dramatic structure or pacing]
  • me:listen
  • New Music® composer:[demands blood-curdling glottal attacks, trills, and shrieks]
  • me:fucking sh
  • New Music® composer:[puts unstressed syllables on strong beats]
  • me:you can't
  • New Music® composer:[writes long, preach-y program notes]
  • me:
  • New Music® composer:[sets texts in other languages without knowing their translations]
  • me:this is what dying feels like
  • New Music® composer:[writes things in illegible and impossible compound meters that suffocate any sense of ensemble between all involved parties]
  • me:this is it
  • New Music® composer:[writes an accompaniment so devoid of any tonal- or modal-centricity that the vocalists live in a state of deep, abiding terror as to whether they can even begin to attempt singing this fuckpile of a composition with any semblance of accuracy, let alone any real emotion other than seething hatred]
  • me:I'm going towards the light
  • New Music® composer:[gets reviews praising his/her music as "brave" or "adventurous"]
  • me:bury me face-down pls
  • New Music® composer:[gets a university job indoctrinating young minds into this shallow, torturous vacuum of empty intellectualism and self-adoration]
  • me:hoe i told you not to do it
  • New Music® composer:[gets large commissions]
  • me:now look what you did
  • New Music® composer:[writes operas that sputter horrifically and are universally-despised by their cast, orchestra, conductor, director, set and lighting designers, stage managers, et al.]
  • me:i am literally deceased
  • New Music® composer:yes I've really always considered myself an opera composer -- it's what I'm drawn to
  • me:and now i will haunt you and your children forever

1940s “How to Apply Makeup”

a lot of my life has been spent worrying about money and i am just really really feelin good this year. i can afford meds and therapy and i am not worried about how we;re gonna pay the mortgage and i even have my own bank account.