kawaisou-deactivated20130307 asked:

Your opinion of long distance relationships.

fuck sake. alright well. they’re all I’ve ever had. so i am pretty used to it. they’re the hardest but most strongest of relationships i believe because well you have to keep trying, you can’t really just have a moment to relax, i mean you can but like if you’ve ever been in one i would hope you know what I’m talking about. you need trust usually, I’m not saying for all but for most, not just trust as in what most people think like oh I’m going to trust you not to cheat, no its more than that, its trust that you won’t give on on them, its trust that you know what the other is putting up with and giving up in order to be with you. its trust to try and believe that the other person really does care enough to try and make those miles or that ocean worth it. me personally have always been given up on, people “needed” physicalness, not just sexual but just in general. and I’ve learned thats not bad, i understand, i think back and I’m like why did i fight that, why do i always fight it but ya know if they need that and they give you up then its not worth it. when you find someone that keeps fighting for you and gives up so much and finally thinks your worth it then even if you “need” physicalness then you will be willing to hold it off and wait for that person.  but um ya i think long distance relationships are the strongest, and another thing ok like you get to know the person soooooo much better when its long distance because you can’t be physical you can’t be sexual and you can’t just go do an activity or whatever, you talk a lot and you rant involved with that persons physical life so when they go to tell you about it you get to hear details and feelings about experiences that you wouldn’t have picked up on otherwise. yeah idk how to finish this or how to start another matter here but I’m sure i could go on. 

btw usually i reply private but this is a good question so ya sorry ;-;